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C++ Semantic Web Objects library: Turtle parser. SPARQL compiler....
Sparql 1.0 (by: Sparql Team)

SPARQL compiler. Rule-based query transformer. SQL serializer. Query federater
OS: Mac

6.8 MB freeware 19 July, 2012
4store is a database storage and query engine
4store 0.9.8 (by: Garlik)

It does not provide many features over and above RDF storage and SPARQL queries, but if your are looking for a scalable, secure, fast and efficient RDF store, then 4store should be on your shortlist.
OS: Mac ,

7.4 MB freeware 18 July, 2012
dotNetRDF is a .
dotNetRDF 062.beta (by:

Net Class Library for working with RDF and SPARQL programatically built with C# 3 for the .Net Framework 3.5/4.0/Silverlight 4 and WIndows Phone 7. It provides a simple object model for representing RDF, SPARQL Queries and Updates and understands all ...
OS: Linux , Mac

26.2 MB freeware 06 October, 2012
Free and open source C library that handles Resource Description Framework (RDF) query syntaxes
Rasqal 0.9.28 (by: Dave Beckett)

The supported query languages are SPARQL and RDQL. Rasqal was designed to work closely with the Redland RDF library but is entirely separate. Rasqal is intended to be a portable library working across many POSIX systems ( OS X, Unix, BSDs, GNU/Linux, ...
OS: Mac

1.4 MB shareware 08 October, 2012
TERRAS is a Java library that allows to filter and rank a list of objects by measuring their matching against a set of demands.
TeRRAS 0.5 Alpha (by: Fundacion CTIC)

* Descriptions of candidate resources can be given as RDF/XML or N3 files, or a remote SPARQL endpoint. * Two implementations of the matching algorithm with different performance profiles. * Ability to execute matching against remote repositories ...
OS: Mac

143.4 KB freeware 01 November, 2012
Rather than being confined to SQLite for SQL Database access via javascript
ODBC Bridge for HTML5 0.2.4 (by: OpenLink Software)

When OpenLink Virtuoso is the target DBMS, users and developers enjoy the following additional benefits: * Virtual/Federated RDBMS access A single ODBC connection to Virtuoso enables access to, and distributed joins across, all ODBC- or JDBC-accessible data sources * RDF and Graph Database access A single ODBC connection to Virtuoso enables SPARQL access to local ...
OS: Mac

30.7 KB freeware 23 July, 2012
TopBraid Composer is an enterprise-class
TopBraid Composer 2.6 (by: TopQuadrant, Inc.)

TopBraid Composer is the leading industrial-strength RDF editor and OWL ontology editor, as well as the best SPARQL tool on the market. As part of TopBraid Suite, Composer incorporates a flexible and extensible framework with a published API ...

  shareware 19 August, 2012
This software program is a desktop
Sesame 2 Windows Client 0.1 (by: Jeen Broekstra and Anton Andreev)

It lets you: connect to Sesame repositories, SPARQL endpoints, Virtuoso, AllegroGraph, do queries, save queries, import/export RDF in different formats, add and remove data, it comes with built-in Sesame local repositories and Ontotext's SwiftOWLIM ...

16.9 MB shareware 19 August, 2012
EasyRdf is a PHP library designed to make it easy to consume and produce RDF.
EasyRdf 0.6.2 (by: Aelius Productions)

The EasyRdf_GraphStore class simplifies loading and saving data to a SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store.
OS: Mac

143.4 KB shareware 18 August, 2012
A programmer's tool for reading source code anytime and anywhere!Source Code Viewer supports syntax highlighting and makes reading source code a pleasure.* Features- Syntax highlighting for over 70 programming languages- Over 20 themes to choose ...
Source Code Viewer 1.1 (by:

* Features - Syntax highlighting for over 70 programming languages - Over 20 themes to choose from - Zoom in / zoom out text - Search for keyword - Night mode and dark theme - Full screen mode to maximize the view port - Full-feature file manager (new/rename/copy/paste/delete) - Import from / export to other apps - Optimized for both iPhone and iPad - File transferring via Wi-Fi (HTTP / FTP) * Supported Languages APL, Asterisk dialplan, C, C++, C#, Clojure, COBOL, CoffeeScript, Common Lisp, CSS, Cython, D, diff, ECL, Erlang, Gas (AT&T-style assembly), Go, Groovy, HAML, Haskell, Haxe, HTML embedded scripts, HTML mixed-mode, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, Jinja2, LESS, LiveScript, Lua, Markdown (GitHub-flavour), mIRC, NTriples, OCaml, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pig Latin, PowerShell, Properties files, Python, Q, R, RPM spec and changelog, reStructuredText, Ruby, Rust, Sass, Scala, Scheme, SCSS, Shell, Sieve, Smalltalk, Smarty, Smarty/HTML mixed, SQL (several dialects), SPARQL, sTeX, LaTeX, Tcl, ...
OS: iOS ,

2.8 MB shareware 12 September, 2013
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