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Sowega.Net Accelerator: 5.0 (by: Propel Software Corporation)

Net Accelerator is a software that accelerates your browsing by speeding the network connection traffic that you receive. Using a unique technology you can browse the internet at full speed bypassing the cap issued by your ISP. The program is free to ...



2.5 MB freeware 19 May, 2012
The Accelerator is an innovative acceleration
USFamily.Net Accelerator: 6.1 (by: Propel Software Corporation)

The Accelerator is an innovative acceleration program for your dialup connection. It works with your Metro Provider dial-up connection, allowing you to surf the Web up to 5 times faster. The acceleration service delivers text and graphics more efficiently, ...

2.7 MB shareware 24 September, 2012
Internet Tweak - Tune Up Internet Connection
Internet Tweak 4.25 (by: magellass)

Internet Tweak - Tune Up Internet Connection and Optimize Internet Explorer Settings. This software reveals more than 300 secret settings of modem, web browser, and e-mail client software.
OS: Windows

1.4 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
Diagramming and charting component for .NET
FlowChart.NET 3.0 (by: MindFusion)

NET helps you create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees. Its basic types of objects - boxes, tables, and arrows ...
OS: Windows

3.5 MB commercial 05 March, 2008
ASP.NET email component
Smtp.NET 3.0.1 (by: ExclamationSoft)

NET and .NET Windows Forms which doesn’t extend the System.Web.Mail namespace but was built from the ground up to go further and offer you more. Smtp.NET was designed to be the easiest .NET email component to learn and use, unlike competitors that ...
OS: Windows

1.0 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
Server control for ASP .NET
ASP.NET Barcode Server Control 1.0 (by:, Inc.)

NET Linear Barcode Server Control supports several barcode symbologies including Code 39, Extended Code 39, Code 128, UCC/EAN-128, Interleaved 2 of 5, LOGMARS, Codabar, UPC, MSI, EAN, Code 11, Code 93, Industrial 2 of 5 Planet and Postnet.
OS: Windows

69.0 KB demo 05 March, 2008
wodSSH.NET component for MS.NET
wodSSH.NET (by: WeOnlyDo! Inc.)

NET is a client component for MS.NET framework that provides support for communication with remote console-type services. It allows you to communicate encrypted (and secured, of course) with SSH1 and SSH2 (secure-shell) servers, as well to Telnet servers ...
OS: Windows

1.0 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
UML CASE tool for Visual Studio .Net

Net is a UML CASE tool totally integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio. It supports full software development lifecycle - analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance. It combines the power of UML modeling facilities and Microsoft Visual ...
OS: Windows

68.4 MB freeware 05 March, 2008
RSS .Net component
RSS Magic for .Net 1.0 (by: Silverband Software)

Net class library that allows developers the ability to download, manipulate, and save RSS feeds through familiar properties and methods. The Silverband RSS Magic component provides you the ability to read, edit, and create RSS feeds that conform to ...
OS: Windows

212.6 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
Develop professional Office plugins in .NET

NET to develop secure and isolated, version-neutral and feature-rich, deployable and updatable extensions for all available Microsoft Office versions, including Office 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and Office 2000. Project templates of Add-in Express support ...
OS: Windows

1.5 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
Build your net worth statement

Net Worth Builder removes the tedium from keeping and organizing your vital financial information. It lets you see your financial strengths and weaknesses quickly, by helping you build 15 personal reports that all roll into one personal net worth statement.
OS: Windows

1.2 MB commercial 05 March, 2008
EaseSoft Linear .Net Barcode Windows Controls

NET Barcode Windows Form Controls is full design-time and run-time support. it can save Barcode to any kind of Bitmap Image which .Net Framework supports with the resolution you set. It supports printing Barcode easily in high quality to your printer ...
OS: Windows

275.5 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
The easy way to design .NET forms in no-time.

NET forms in no-time. Ever dreamed of a correct layout at once? Just by dropping controls? Without any layout panels? Just imagine: no more hassle with aligning, tab orders and anchors! And still have total control and flexibility. A powerful and flexible ...
OS: Windows

4.6 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
EaseSoft Linear .Net Barcode Windows Controls

Net Windows Forms Control is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality barcode image to your windows application .You can save the barcode as different image format files (BMP,EMF,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TIFF,WMF). It is easy to print barcode ...
OS: Windows

84.0 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
StimulReport.Net is a reporting tool for .Net
StimulReport.Net 1.04 (by: Stimulsoft Inc.)

Net is a powerful reporting tool that helps you design flexible, feature-rich reports. It's a suite of 100% managed .NET components written in C#. Our product is compatible with VisualStudio.Net. StimulReport.Net is fully using all abilities of .Net ...
OS: Windows

1.4 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
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