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The world of Fragger is at risk, and he needs your help to explode all enemies! Unleash your shooting abilities to kill all the enemies and unlock 3 different perks!
Fragger 1.2 (by:

Once you become and grenade launcher expert, compare your score online with the millions of Miniclip users that play Fragger.
OS: Mac ,



331.0 MB commercial 18 October, 2012
9mm looks great, plays great, and its story will keep you entertained through all of the game's 12 levels" - INTO MOBILE
9mm 1.0 (by: Gameloft)

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK * You've got a dangerous job on your hands, so arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons, including a pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, grenade launcher and more. * Set out to fight crime and corruption in varied locations like the ...
OS: Mac ,

1.5 GB commercial 04 September, 2012
*NOW FREE for a LIMITED TIME!*grab an UZI. an AK-47. an M-16. a DESERT EAGLE. a ROCKET LAUNCHER. a LASER GUN. a FLAMETHROWER. aaand there's more... prehistoric lizards are tearing the city apart. everyone got eaten, so now it's just you & the ...
Dino Cap 1.9.6 (by: Triniti Interactive Limited)

a ROCKET LAUNCHER. a LASER GUN. a FLAMETHROWER. aaand there's more... prehistoric lizards are tearing the city apart. everyone got eaten, so now it's just you & the dinos. oh, & there's the salty lookin' clerk running the gun supply. he ...
OS: iOS ,

24.0 MB freeware 14 December, 2012
Step into the ultimate sci-fi FPS!<br /><br />IGN -

AN EXTENSIVE ACTION-PACKED SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN: - 13 chapters taking you through hostile, yet amazing environments of various Orbitals - Varied gameplay: Run, shoot, fall, drive a motorbike, pilot a giant mech, and blast a laser - Over a dozen weapons including the Dual Hand Guns, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, ...
OS: Mac

597.0 MB commercial 12 June, 2012
Alpha Zylon brings you to the darkest forests
Operation Alpha Zylon 1.0 (by: MyPlayCity, Inc.)

You can play free mission game to take out dozens of enemies, traps, gun turrets, bunkers, jeeps, and other dangers with your knife, hand gun, machine gun, grenade launcher, satchel charges or even sniper rifle in six varying missions.

117.1 MB freeware 01 August, 2012
Fire Fortress is a very entertaining war game
Final Fortress 32.0 (by: Oberon Media)

You have several in field units available according to your needs, as follow: - SAM Site: for air defense - Gun Turret: ground defense - Grenade Launcher: ground / sea defense - Bio Launcher: ground / sea defense - Mines: ground defense - Sea ...

33.8 KB shareware 18 May, 2012
Defend your homeland.
Razor Salvation (by: Blowfish Studios)

FIRST PERSON "BEACH HEAD" DEFENCE - Use the classic FPS weapons like grenade launcher, rocket launcher and railgun. Access to awesome specials like the Redeemer! PLAYER CREATED FACTIONS - Create your own factions with friends and fight ...
OS: Windows 8

10.0 KB shareware 27 May, 2013
TIME CRISIS, the world's number-one cinematic rail shooting series, now available for Mac OS X!
TIME CRISIS 2ND STRIKE 1.0.0 (by: Namco Networks America Inc.)

MULTIPLE WEAPONS Aside from a standard-issue handgun, your arsenal includes a machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher. Watch out for special enemies to resupply your ammo. MULTIPLE GAME MODES + EPISODE MODE: clear 10 action-packed stages before ...
OS: Mac ,

191.0 MB commercial 06 October, 2012
FinalFighter: The ultimate tank battle with the classic 2D look!
FinalFighter 1.0 (by: Sebastian Volland)

- Fight in a post-apocalyptic world against computer-controlled units - Four different maps with different atmospheres provide a lot of variety - Defend your tank with your mini-gun with infinite ammo against enemy units - Haul out the heavy artillery with your grenade launcher, flamethrower ...
OS: Mac

  shareware 01 December, 2013
Support only iPhone Retina DisplayWe are faced with the very gravest of challenges. The end of all thingsAnd yet for the first time in the history of the planet, a species has the technology to prevent its own extinction. Through all the chaos ...
Protocol-3 1.1 (by: Yaspel Innovations, S.A. de C.V.)

4 Super Weapons (Laser, Freeze Gun, Grenade Launcher and Proton-Laser) 6 Levels (Dive into the Mother Ship, fly across the incredible scenarios and destroy the annoying aliens to save human race) Rate Protocol 3 with 5 stars to keep the improvements ...
OS: iOS ,

42.4 MB shareware 22 February, 2012
This Army Basic Training app is a reference book and guide for anyone about to enter the U.S. Army. All content is unclassified for unlimited distribution. Content is a blend of what you will see and experience at basic training as well as tips ...
Army Basic Training 1.6 (by: Polemics Applications LLC)

Topics cover the three phases of Basic Training: Phase I Red Phase "Patriot" -Drill and Ceremony -Army Values -Physical Fitness Test -Chemical Defense -Combatives -Map Reading -Obstacle Courses -First Aid -Pugil Sticks -Gas Chamber -Basic Rifle Marksmanship Phase II White Phase "Gunfighter" -M4/M16 Rifle -M203 Grenade Launcher -M240B ...
OS: iOS ,

24.2 MB shareware 08 September, 2013
Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?Race through the suburban landscape, collecting as many coins as you can, but beware of the zombies. Tap the left side of your device to jump. Tap the right side to shoot. Use your coins to unlock new weapons ...
Attack of the Zombies! - Pro Edition 1.0 (by: Wavelength Laboratories, LLC)

* Unlock new weapons (Assault Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenade Launcher) * Game Center Support
OS: iOS ,

11.1 MB shareware 31 July, 2014
The ultimate sound app! Play 300 awesome HIGH quality sound effects with big buttons! Annoy your family, scare your friends, confuse your pets!NOBODY has as many high quality sounds as us!! Don't be fooled by low quality imitators who have less ...
300+ Super Sound Box 1.14 (by: Cookie Balloon)

, Fireworks, Evil Laugh, Demonic Laugh, Cheer, Scream, Gong, Hockey Organ, Boxing Bell, Assault Rifle, Chain Gun, Rocket Launcher, Pistol, Magic Blast, UFO, Warning, Kiss, Fart, Burp, Self Destruct. Update 1.2 includes these great additions: Helicopter, ...
OS: iOS ,

39.5 MB shareware 02 June, 2013
Pay one low price & download UNLIMITED Battle sounds by Web at no extra charge! And you can share with others by SMS with no extra charge! Isn't it awesome!!! SMS those wonderful sounds to your friends! Other apps send 1 ringtone per email! And ...
Battle Sound Effects 1.9 (by: honggang li)

- You mustn't use iTunes on your Mac/PC ****************** impact of ground targets missle ground burs F-16 falcon fire WW1 bi-plane rocket firing massacre infantry attacks grenade launcher-firing machine gun fire howitzer gun blast rifle-single ...
OS: iOS ,

17.0 MB shareware 09 August, 2011
NOW AVAILABLE ON IPOD TOUCH, IPHONE, AND IPAD!!!Snipers live by the motto "One Shot, One Kill." Now with this application, learn the skills of these silent professionals. This application provides the full FM 23-10 Sniper Training Manual, a ...
Army Sniper App Pack 1.2 (by: Warrior Code Applications)

Specific Chapters include: CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION Mission Organization Personnel Selection Criteria Sniper and Observer Responsibilities Team Firing Techniques CHAPTER 2 - EQUIPMENT Section I - M24 Sniper Weapon System Operations and Functions Inspection Care and Maintenance Disassembly Loading and Unloading Storage Section II - Ammunition Types and Characteristic Round-Count Book M24 Malfunctions and Corrections Section III - Sniper Sighting Devices M3A Scope Iron Sights Section IV - Other Equipment M16A1/A2 Rifle with M203 Grenade Launcher Image ...
OS: iOS ,

6.2 MB shareware 04 June, 2012
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