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Advanced Task Killer for Windows PC
Task Force Quit 2 2.0.10 (by: Softorino)

Task Force Quit 2 is an advanced task killer. It tells you what apps you can close without ending an important task. You can also view & force close Windows programs, that are quietly running in the background. This results in a muuuuch faster loading ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7



7.5 MB freeware 07 March, 2018
If you have an application that frequently causes you to force quit it...
iForce Quit 1.0 (by: Tom X)

If you have an application that frequently causes you to force quit it, temporarily placing this script in your Dock may prove to be convenient (faster) to pull up the Force Quit dialog box until you resolve the problem.
OS: Mac

41.0 KB freeware 26 October, 2012
RDP Brute Force Protection for Windows
RDP Shield 1.0.0 (by: VPSBlocks Pty Ltd)

RDP Brute Force Protection for Windows servers and computers. If your server has remote desktop on a public IP, protect it from brute force attacks by installing the 100% free RDP Shield. Features include the ability to set the number of failed logins ...

3.8 MB freeware 13 October, 2014
Add a variety of new options to the standard traffic light controls:
Windownaut 0.99 (by: Binary Bakery Software)

Traffic Controls Add a variety of new options to the standard traffic light controls: » Force quit an application » Visual layout selection menu » Show associated document for window » and more! Window Layout ...
OS: Mac ,

4.6 MB shareware 10 June, 2012
FastComputer is here to protect your computer from apps that eat up your computer's resources.
FastComputer 1.0 (by: Alice Dev Team)

FastComputer is here to protect your computer from apps that eat up your computer's resources. They slow your Mac down and can even freeze it completely! FastComputer is a powerful but simple weapon to fight them! You don't even need any programming ...
OS: Mac ,

614.4 KB commercial 24 October, 2012
As long as plugSHIELD is running, no one can plug and copy anything from your Mac.
plugSHIELD v1.21 (by: dragonBTV)

attention: (feed back to user's review), please just disable the app's dock icon from setting to make plugSHIELD can NOT be simply FORCE QUIT either. Remember how in the movie Iron Man, Stark's girlfriend managed to steal all of the bad guy's data ...
OS: Mac ,

921.6 KB commercial 30 August, 2012
The first launch of Hesperides is really slow, because it has to index the dictionary.
Hesperides 1.2 (by: Thomas Deniau)

Please just wait, and don't force-quit the app, it is not hung ! Next launches should be quite fast. So, Mac Lovers can now be lambendili too : Hesperides integrates Didier's Sindarin dictionary, distributed on his web site as a XML file, with a state-of-the-art ...
OS: Mac

1.8 MB shareware 12 June, 2012
Anti DDoS Guardian stops DDoS attacks.
Anti DDoS Guardian 3.1 (by: BeeThink Company)

Anti DDoS Guardian is high performance Anti DDoS software for Windows Servers. It stops slow HTTP Get&Post attacks, layer 7 attacks, slowloris attacks, OWASP attacks, RDP brute force password guessing attacks, SYN attacks, IP flood, TCP flood, UDP ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7

2.3 MB shareware 27 August, 2013
A Windows security software solution.
Secure Windows Auditor (by: Secure Bytes, Inc)

Secure Windows Auditor (SWA) A must have windows security software for information security professionals to conduct in-depth security auditing and risk assessments of network-based windows systems. Regulatory compliance and the latest network auditing ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7

313.8 MB demo 23 November, 2014
MonsterBar features a bunch of fake processes with never-ending progress bars
MonsterBar 1.0 (by: RyanAndFriends Software)

All the classics, like: Unknown Process, Rebuilding Desktop, and even Installing Microsoft Windows (very Realistic). No menu bar or dock, you have to force quit to exit! Also works great when you quit the Finder ahead of time.. .
OS: Mac

11.8 MB freeware 15 October, 2010
Black Hole is a powerful application that allows you to clear sensitive information from your Mac with a single click.
Black Hole 1.2.1 (by: Michael Fortin)

Quitting Applications : Black Hole can quit any number of applications with a single click on the "Clean" button. If an application fails to quit after a set amount of time, Black Hole can force quit it for you. Clearing Recent Items : ...
OS: Mac ,

1.3 MB shareware 15 August, 2012
Instantly kill all running application with a single click
App Killer 1.5 (by:

' * Super-easy to use * Intuitive interface - Tired of having to quit every single app one-by-one? - Have several apps crashed and you find yourself having to "Force Quit" them one after the other? - Are you afraid that your... boss may ...
OS: Mac ,

1024.0 KB commercial 15 July, 2012
Kill Switch takes every single aspect of the basic tool and rethinks it from the ground up, providing a more complete yet simpler experience.
Kill Switch 1.0 (by: LLC)

Improved Control * Fewer clicks to quit an app (6 vs 3 in Kill Switch) * Force quit OR regular quit * Select multiple or All - mass quit * Lists all user processes, not just UI apps - yet conveniently groups them into sections * No need to open Activity ...
OS: Mac

921.6 KB commercial 05 August, 2012
Freezer is an easy way to freeze processor intensive applications
Freezer 0.2 (by: Mr. Gecko)

It will freeze/unfreeze applications using the terminal command kill which is a process command used to usually kill applications completely (Force Quit).
OS: Mac

809.0 KB freeware 30 August, 2012
Magic Utilities make your pc clean and stable
Magic Utilities 2003 2.31 (by: EFREESKY SOFTWARE)

View,Edit,Delete and Add entries to your startup configuration Display a list of all running programs and allows you to force-quit frozen applications.
OS: Windows

897.4 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
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