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Time Billing and Accounting
BS1 Professional Time Billing 2006.0 (by: Davis Business Systems Ltd.)

BS/1 Professional is an integrated time billing and accounting system: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, Time Billing, and Sales Analysis. Client projects/jobs are tracked by priority and due date. Project leaders may ...
OS: Windows



1.4 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
Real-time monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS

IISTracer is a real-time monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS scripts (.asp, .cgi,..), static files (.htm,.gif,..), downloads (.mp3,.zip,..) and uploads. Shows online current status and progress of each running request in IIS, lets you log current IIS state
OS: Windows

1.1 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
Comprehensive Time Billing System.
Bill Central Time Billing 2002 (by: Integratech Software)

Bill Central is a comprehensive Time Billing system designed to let you be more productive at what you do best - generate revenue. Bill Central Time Billing is a smart management tool enabling you to track and bill for your daily time and expense charges, ...
OS: Windows

8.1 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
Automate time & expenses tracking & reporting

Modern businesses often utilize hired staff model allowing decision makers purchase the exact amount of work time required to complete a project or its part. Whether the workforce consists of freelancers or regular personnel, the cornerstone of successful ...
OS: Windows

2.5 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
an is employee time clock manager
Time Clock Manager Pro 2.1 (by:

An employee time clock and a management tool. Its allows user to clock in/clock out. It works with touch screen monitors. Also has reports to show clocked in and clock out times. The application has integrated security and can work with networks or ...
OS: Windows

9.0 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
Tracks projects working time.

Tracks how much time you spend on different projects and tasks. Thanks to precise time tracking and accounting you can quickly and precisely calculate time spent on different tasks. You can bill your clients on time based on real reports. You can plan ...
OS: Tablets , Windows

6.0 MB shareware 21 August, 2010
High performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. Installation automatically configures default time servers - up and running in 30 seconds. GPS clock drivers are included. Email and SysLog error notifications.
PresenTense Time Server 5.0 (by: Bytefusion Ltd.)

PresenTense Time Server is a high performance Windows time server supporting NTP and SNTP protocols. PresenTense Time Server will synchronize your PC to a primary time source such as an atomic clock on the internet or an inhouse GPS reciever and offer ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7 , Windows Server

9.4 MB demo 05 March, 2018
Web-based work time tracking system
WR Time Tracker 0.1 (by: WR Consulting)

WR Time Tracker is an open source, web-based work time tracking system. It is simple and very easy to use. It works as a web service and allows you to: create user logins and organize them in teams, create and modify projects and activities, input work ...
OS: Windows

47.0 KB freeware 05 March, 2008
Time Sync Pro is clock and time synchronizer.
Time Sync Pro 1.2 (by: SoftCab Inc)

Time Sync Pro is an application that connects to one of the many atomic clock web servers, downloads the time to your PC and adjusts it. Time Sync Pro has many features including the automatic adjustment of your computer clock. It can automatically update ...
OS: Windows

63.2 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
ATS is a full-featured time server.
Absolute Time Server 8.1 (by: FlexibleSoft Co.)

Reliable TIME and SNTP server for small to midsize local area networks (LAN) Absolute Time Server is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868 and RFC-2030 compatible. Absolute Time Server acts as a background ...
OS: Windows

4.2 MB shareware 03 April, 2013
Responsive Time Logger Time and Billing
Responsive Time Logger 4.03.13 (by: Responsive Software)

Responsive Time Logger is a professional time and billing tool for consultants, lawyers, accountants, and others who bill for their time. Use the built-in stopwatch for time tracking, or enter time and expense data at the end of the day. A tightly integrated ...
OS: Windows

3.9 MB demo 05 March, 2008
Synchronizes PC's clock to atomic time serve
Always On Time 1.12 (by: PC Shareware, Inc.)

Always On Time is a Windows Internet utility that will connect to one of a dozen public atomic time servers and fetch the current atomic clock time value. If a difference in time is discovered between the atomic time server and your PC's clock, you then ...
OS: Windows

676.4 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
This is a powerful and easy-to-use computer clock synchronizer. Working with time servers on the Internet, it can adjust PC clock repeatedly at a time interval, supports proxy servers, works as a local time server and can be launched as service.
Advanced Time Synchronizer (by:

Advanced Time Synchronizer is a PC clock synchronizer. It works with time servers on the Internet, supports main time synchronization protocols, proxy servers, auto-dialing and more. Advanced Time Synchronizer connects to all the servers in the list ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7 , Windows Server

10.4 MB shareware 15 February, 2018
Keeps your system time accurate
1st Atomic Time 2.12 (by: Green Parrots Software)

1st Atomic Time keeps the system time accurate on your computer or any computer in your network. It synchronizes your PC clock with Internet atomic time servers. You can pick the fastest and most reliable servers from the built-in list of more than ...
OS: Windows

798.8 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
Time - Pitch - Sample rate converter
Any Time 1.1 (by: FMJ-Software)

Any Time lets you independently take control of the time, the pitch, and the sample rate of an audio recording. You can: - Do time stretching - Change the playback time of the recording without changing the pitch. - Do pitch scaling - Change the ...
OS: Windows

739.8 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
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