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EaseSoft PDF417  ASP.NET Web Server Control

EaseSoft PDF417 Barcode ASP.NET Web ServerControls use its internal HttpHandler to transfer barcode images directly to the client without any temporary files.It is the most efficient method to generate the barcodes dynamically.EaseSoft PDF417 ASP .NEt ...
OS: Windows



349.0 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
EaseSoft Linear .Net Barcode Windows Controls

EaseSoft PDF417 .Net Windows Forms Control is 100% managed C# code product which can add professional quality 2D barcode image to your windows application .You can save the barcode as different image format files (BMP,EMF,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TIFF,WMF). It is ...
OS: Handheld , Windows CE , Windows

345.0 KB shareware 27 August, 2012
PDF417 Barcode DLL retains all the power from Barcode ActiveX while eliminating all the registry dependencies.
PDF417 Barcode DLL 3.5 (by: EaseSoft Inc.)

PDF417 Barcode DLL retains all the power from Barcode ActiveX while eliminating all the registry dependencies.It can be used in any programming environments supporting plain Windows DLL, such as Visual C++, Visual Basic and .Net. It can export image ...
OS: Handheld , Windows CE , Windows

14.0 KB shareware 19 December, 2012
PDF417 Barcode ActiveX Control

PDF417 Barcode ActiveX Control. PDF417, or Portable Data File 417, is a two-dimensional stacked bar code symbology capable of encoding over a kilobyte of data per label. This is important for applications where a bar code must be more than merely an ...
OS: Windows

978.1 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
PDF417 ActiveX Control and DLL.

The PDF417 ActiveX Control creates barcodes for Access, Excel and VB. The demo version is fully functional and contains documentation with implementation examples. Supports Text, Binary Compaction and MacroPDF. This ActiveX Control is a high performance ...
OS: Windows

710.2 KB demo 05 March, 2008
The ActiveX Barcode PDF417 Control is an easy to use drag and drop barcode tool.
ActiveX PDF417 Control 1.3 (by:, Inc.)

The ActiveX Barcode PDF417 Control is an easy to use drag and drop barcode tool. It works with any Windows application that supports ActiveX technology including Visual Basic, C++, FrontPage, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. The PDF417 ...
OS: Windows

194.6 KB demo 13 February, 2009
Set of C++ classes that create 2D barcodes
J4L-BarCode for C++ 1.0 (by: J4L Components)

J4L-Barcode for C++ is a set of C++ classes that create 2D barcodes. It can be used in native C++ applications and also from windows applications compiling it as DLL. No windows native resources are used, the source code is 100% C++. The complete source ...
OS: Linux , Windows

976.6 KB commercial 19 March, 2009
Professional .NET barcode reader and barcode generator for developers. The SDK reads & writes 1D and 2D barcodes in digital images and PDF. Supported barcode types: Aztec, Code 39, Code 128, DataMatrix, EAN-8, EAN-13, Han Xin, PDF417, QR, GS1, UPC...

Supported postal barcode types: Australian Post, Deutsche Post Identcode, Deutsche Post Leitcode, DHL AWB, Dutch KIX, FedEx Ground 96, Intelligent Mail, Mailmark 4-State C, Mailmark 4-State L, Planet, Postnet, Royal Mail, Swiss PostParcel. Supported ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7

24.6 MB demo 08 July, 2017
IronBarcode enables C# .Net coders to create and read Barcodes and QR Codes inside .Net Applications and sites.  The Barcode reading engine includes automatic image correction and barcode detection technology.
The C# Barcode Library (by: IronBarcode Coders)

Modern linear formats that are supported include Code 93, Code 128, and PDF417. These barcode formats allow almost any type of data, including strings and binary data, to be encoded into linear barcodes. Iron Barcode also supports traditional numeric ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7 , Windows Server

1.1 MB shareware 13 January, 2019
Easily recognize high density PDF417 barcodes
ClearImage PDF417 5.0 (by: Inlite Research)

Easily develop robust production applications to recognize PDF417 barcode data from scanned, faxed or camera images. Heuristic barcode recognition algorithms can extract readable barcodes from poor quality images, and can recover the data even with ...
OS: Windows

2.6 MB demo 05 March, 2008
Visual Code Browser for C/C++

It can help programmers to browse,edit,document and understand c,c++source code with built-in analysis for C/C++ program.It also can be used to visualize and flowchart c,c++ code. Its flow chart Documentation Generator supports Visio,Word,Excel,PowerPoint ...
OS: Windows

1.2 MB commercial 05 March, 2008
C/C++ and .NET RS232/RS422/RS485 serial communications software. Control multiple ports simultaneously. Includes line status/control, modem control, ANSI emulation, virtual ports (USB to serial,Bluetooth serial), hardware/software flow control.
Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for C/C++ 5.41 (by: MarshallSoft Computing)

MarshallSoft C/C++ and .NET serial communications component library for RS232 and multi-drop RS485 and RS422 serial ports. Use WSC4C to write applications to access data from serial devices such as barcode scanners, modems, lab instruments, medical ...
OS: Windows , Windows 7 , Windows Server

2.0 MB shareware 15 October, 2015
2D Barcode PDF417 ActiveX Control

2D Barcode PDF417 ActiveX Control creates the 2 D code PDF417. PDF417 can carry up to 1,800 Bytes in a single code element. The code output is highly customizable: Module widths and heights, module ratio, format and position of human readable text, ...
OS: Windows

390.6 KB shareware 05 March, 2008
Create C++ Web Applications fast and easy.
C++ Server Pages 1.5 (by: Micronovae)

C++ Server Pages (CSP) allows developers to build Dynamic Web Pages and Web Applications by using C++. Existing C++ projects can be ported to the Web by simply including the C++ source code, or by importing the C++ libraries to CSP scripts. It is similar ...
OS: Windows

7.8 MB freeware 05 March, 2008
Flowcharts,Trees  for C/C++ Code - Base
Crystal FLOW for C 3.83 (by: SGV Sarc Inc)

Understand Code in Less Time Create Flowchart from Source Code. Get a clear view of the code with Flowcharts. Inherited legacy code? A new member of the team? You will be up to speed in significantly less time. Verify correctness of function logic.
OS: Windows

6.0 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
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