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Jump, Jump and reach the limits of your imagination, helping Beach Ball fly all over the world as the new Fly Super Star.!!! Bouncing, bouncing like a real beach ball and picking Ugly birds to make Beach ball flying like a rocketer. Dont worry if ...

Dont worry if you fall down to the sea, You can restart and try again the times you want. Be pacient and capture the moment the swipe your finger to trampoline beach ball up, up up all over the sky. Compatible with iphone, ipod and ipad.
OS: iOS ,



26.2 MB freeware 08 October, 2014
Sometimes you just dont want to take time going to your Applications folder or searching around your hard drive
OpenSoft Todos 1.5 (by: OpenSoft)

Sometimes you just dont want to take time going to your Applications folder or searching around your hard drive. Just click a quick hotkey (Command-Option-Control-T) and Todos will simply appear. Todos job is simple. Todos doesnt do more than it says.
OS: Mac

769.0 KB freeware 11 August, 2010
Appnimi Password Helper

Now you dont have to remember password for the website for which you have accounts. Just remember one master password and thats all. Dont worry we dont store any of your password any where. So just enjoy on of the most simplest tool to help you manage ...

352.0 KB freeware 09 October, 2014
iEffex - PhotoShop like app for Mac & Windows

iEffex is a program designed to run on any Mac or Windows System, iEffex is similar to PhotoShop, however iEffex specializes in adding effects to images using layering technology, so that you end up with a stunning outcome, but if this all sounds complex to you dont worry, iEffex is ...
OS: Windows

3.1 MB shareware 05 March, 2008
And Yet It Moves is an interesting mixture between a jump and run and a puzzle game, with the extra ability to rotate the world
And Yet It Moves 1.4 (by: And Yet It Moves)

Dont worry though, your made out of paper so you can die as often as you want to. The overall goal is to get through this collage of ripped paper. And if your quick - and don´t die too often - you might get into the highscore list. This ...
OS: Mac

19.8 MB freeware 08 May, 2010
When you want to edit several projects at the same time with a single MediaComposer, you may feel troubled
MediaFolderManager 2.5.5 (by: Belle Nuit Montage)

There will be less accidents that other people deletes your media by mistake. 2. It is easier to delete media used in the project ( You just need to trash it. If you trash it with the folder as whole, unrecognizable + unnecessary Pre-ComputeMediaFile ...
OS: Mac

1.1 MB freeware 22 June, 2010
Premiere Classic is one of our best Blueball Design themes yet
Premiere Classic Theme 1.0 (by: Blueball Design)

If you do not have a logo, dont worry! We include several images you can use as a logo instead! These logo images come free with the purchase of this theme and blend seamlessly with the design of your site! Our themes work without fail in Safari, Firefox ...
OS: Mac

  commercial 10 October, 2010
Counting Sheep is a sleep timer for Mac OS X Tiger’s Dashboard that lets you listen to music or watch a movie while youre already in bed (or leaving the house, but prefer to do so with the approriate music playing)
Counting Sheep 1.1 (by: Johannes Emerich)

If you change your mind, you can of course stop the countdown later, dont worry. The widget is actually pretty simple and also pretty simplistic. Its also kind of self-explanatory: three input fields, for hours, minutes and seconds, one start button, ...
OS: Mac

331.0 KB freeware 20 October, 2010
iShout is a music player to listen to Shoutcast streams and record your favorite internet radios
iShout 1.0.1 (by: Jean-Matthieu)

This software is under development and you may experience some bugs (nothing too serious, dont worry :-): Low bitrated (<64 Kbits/s) streams sound funny. This is due to the player used by iShout (currently mpg123). It will be fixed as soon as ...
OS: Mac

4.0 MB freeware 10 October, 2010
iTunes is a great way to store and organize your muisic
MusicAccess 1.28.1 (by: Peertoweb)

Once you give your email and a password, a web account will be created for you that will connect with your publisher. If you choose not to purchase, dont worry, we will not spam you nor will we give out your address to anyone. The publisher is an ...
OS: Mac

1024 B shareware 08 October, 2010
TheHotFolder, Reheated is super-easy to use
TheHotFolder Reheated 1.0 (by: RnSK Softronics)

If you go over, dont worry: an alert will let you know. If your Mac has a DVD-R burner, one click sets TheHotFolder, Reheated to DVD-R mode so you can keep adding files without worring about space. Got a small screen? Not a problem! Go ahead and close ...
OS: Mac

395.0 KB shareware 21 May, 2010
Link Me
Link Me!/Open Me! 1.0 (by: Sal Soghoian)

The text box containing the "link to" doc name is created for your convienince and may be deleted if you want since the picture box contains the link! To open "link to" documents, select the link icon boxes representing the files ...
OS: Mac ,

47.0 KB freeware 13 October, 2010
Propaganda is a powerful email spammer capable of connecting to a SMTP server and send the same email to thousands of random mailboxes
Propaganda 1.0 (by: Ugmpt)

If you are not familiar to spamming, dont be worry since an interactive help will solve all the problems youll encounter.. PHP Advanced Transfer Manager.
OS: Mac

1.9 MB freeware 11 September, 2010
Windows Support Tools is a compilation of

Windows support tool is only available on Windows XP, isnt installed by default and can be installed from Windows Installation CD or downloaded from Microsoft Website. Most of this tools that by the way are a lot of them, wont be used everyday, ...

  freeware 08 May, 2012
Focussed on the essential modules of an analogue synthesizer Alpha 3 offers true hands on operation.
Alpha Free for Mac OS X 3.1.2002 (by: LinPlug Virtual Instruments GmbH)

Everything is where you would expect it, nothing is more complex as it needs to be. Nothing is less powerfull as it needs to be. Alpha 3 is the sum of all our experience in synthesizer manufacturing. Alpha 3 will allow Frequency Modulation of the Filters ...
OS: Mac

3.0 MB freeware 23 February, 2013
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