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With 1-abc

With Clipboard Organizer all you have to do is to define up to 4 different clipboards. While the 1st one - which is your system clipboard - works totally unchanged, you can feed the other ones with text by a simple shortcut and paste it from ...



338.0 KB shareware 09 July, 2012
1-abc Folder-To-TXT 2.0 (by: stefan sierget) Folder-To-TXT gets an editable list of all files in the directory including sub-folders with an easy-to-use function to export all file names to a *.txt file with just 3 clicks! And the best: this tool is absolutely free to use. If you want ...

305.7 KB freeware 22 June, 2012
Manage your private login and password data! Password Organizer allows you to organize all your passwords and login data, you only have to remember your master password. Since it is no good idea in general to use birthdays of your family members, names of famous politicians or your favorite ...
OS: Windows

636.0 KB shareware 12 November, 2012
All inclusive package for files and folders! File Configuration Box goes one step further: When anyone needs such features from time to time, would it not make sense to have one product that includes all these functions instead of different single programs? The File Configuration ...
OS: Windows 8 , Windows , Windows 7

1.7 MB shareware 03 September, 2013
Old game in amazing Windows XP style! Powerpong 1.20 (by:

Another masterpiece of - another old fashioned game in amazing Windows® XP Style! Do you remember the time you enjoyed such a game years ago? Now it's time to play it again, now it's time to see what you were missing all the years in between: ...
OS: Windows

48.0 KB freeware 05 March, 2008
The more the snake grows, the faster it goes.

Now it's brought back to you by ... This new version in XP style comes with a crazy kind of mouse control. Including savable high score list, snake color settings, speed optimization and additional keyboard control! Powersnake 2 ...
OS: Windows

49.1 KB freeware 05 March, 2008
Shoot the arrow to the center! Powerdart 1.20 (by:

In a good old classical arcade style Powerdart combines best entertainment with a minimum of download size, disk space and installation time. It looks like Windows® XP, but it feels like you are in the early 80s! Including savable high score ...
OS: Windows

46.1 KB freeware 05 March, 2008
Never forget to congratulate anyone again!

As a user of Birthday Reminder you will never forget the birthday of your friends, relatives and partners again. There are many ways and possibilities to remind you about birthdays on your computer, but most of them are just too complicated.
OS: Windows , Windows 7

607.0 KB shareware 20 November, 2012
Speed up your system by Registry cleaning! Registry Washer looks what can be removed from the Registry and cleans it up! And there is another reason why you should clean up your Registry from time to time: whatever you did on your PC and whatever you did to remove it: the Registry ...
OS: Windows 8 , Windows , Windows 7

433.0 KB shareware 26 October, 2013
Erase personal data completely and securely!

Fortunately, File Washer makes all these programs useless! By deleting files with that program, you can switch between 11 different deleting methods, and all of them overwrite your old file before removing so the only thing that could ever ...
OS: Windows

381.0 KB shareware 12 March, 2013
Never waste time with data searching anymore! File Finder is the right solution for this problem. Select one or more paths (or even a complete drive if you wish), configure how the searching process will behave and get a list of all these files you are missing. After that, you can save ...
OS: Windows

415.0 KB shareware 21 May, 2013
Divide and merge large files!

The answer comes again from Divide any file of any type you like into single files of any size you need with File Divider. This cheap, small, fast and very easy-to-use program solves all your problems you have concerning large files.
OS: Windows

396.0 KB shareware 25 May, 2013
Decide what the Explorer popup menu does!

Configuring these entries can now be done easily with Right Click Configurator! From a very easy-to-use interface you can see all these connections to Windows features and external programs. De-activating such an entry is just one click, and ...
OS: Windows 8 , Windows , Windows 7

393.0 KB shareware 10 September, 2013
Find identical files on your computer!

Duplicate files on your computer - with Duplicate Finder you will never have to care about them anymore! Features: * Very easy-to-use interface * Program can also read from SD cards, USB sticks, external drives etc. * Define by your own what ...
OS: Windows 8 , Windows

452.0 KB shareware 14 August, 2013
Your personal thoughts only belong to you! Personal Diary was designed especially for this need! This fast and easy-to-use product allows you to write down your thoughts every day to a password-secured file that is saved with a special encryption engine so that definitely no-one but ...
OS: Windows

633.0 KB shareware 15 November, 2012
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