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Wordalizer 1.25

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Wordalizer 1.25

The current stable release (v. 1.25) is based on a new lexical parser that runs up to 100X faster than the previous beta! It also provides a number of improvements and new features: 6 source languages supported, a full word list editor, session-persistent settings, ability to rework from the active cloud, control of the minimum word length, 'rarest words' option, 15 color shemes... 'This script is cool, hot, and sick all at the same time. I love it.' David Blatner, InDesignSecrets.

Key features

* InDesign CS4 and InDesign CS5 compatible, Mac OS and Windows platforms.
* User interface: English (default) and French. (Wordalizer auto-detects your InDesign locale.)
* Improved text parser including the following new options: 'Minimum word length' (210), 'Skip usual words' (on/off), 'Find the rarest words' (on/off), and 'Allow digits' (on/off).
* Support for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian source texts.
* Ability to parse text from the selected text frame, from the InDesign active document, from an entire book, from a plain text file, or even from the clipboard.
* Ability to manually edit the 'weighted word list' before producing the word cloud (adding, removing, or changing words; tweaking their respective frequency).
* You can rebuild a word cloud from the previous word list without reinvoking the parser (session-persistent settings). You can even generate a word cloud from another word cloud (document-persistent settings) in selecting active word cloud in the Source panel.
* 15 themes (predefined color shemes).
* See also: Wordalizer Frequently Asked Questions.

Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X

System requirements: InDesign CS4 and CS5

Added: 25 June, 2012 File size: 41.0 KB
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Download Wordalizer 1.25
Wordalizer 1.25

Tags: Cloud, Indesign, Active, Settings, Parser, Words, Color, Ability, Wordalizer, Source, English, French, Sessionpersistent, Previous, Onoff, Plain, Entire, Clipboard, List

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Download Wordalizer 1.25
Wordalizer 1.25
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