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TiviFlow 1.3

If you like TV series as we do and you use to save lots of episodes from your favorite TV series in your Mac, then you already know that keeping these TV series, seasons and episodes organized and clean is not always an easy task. For that reason, we have created TiviFlow. This application enables you to keep all your TV series in the same place. With TiviFlow, you will be able to get more information related to your TV series, actors and episodes and easily organise them.

These are some of the coolest TiviFlow features:
Join the TiviFlow experience and enjoy all your TV series in the same place. Keep them clean and organized with TiviFlow.
Import your TV series to TiviFlow either from a directory, a directory tree or from iTunes.
Get more information about a TV series, season or episode, such as their overviews, ratings, writers, directors and more.
If you have some of your TV series' episodes saved in your Mac, you can play them directly on TiviFlow if they are encoded using a compatible (system native) video codec.
If you don't, TiviFlow may search them for you in Amazon or the iTunes Store (not available in all countries), as so as to purchase new seasons and/or episodes.
Create playlists as so as to play multiple episodes one by one in a queue.
If you are watching an episode and you have to leave, TiviFlow will resume it the next time you open that episode.
Discover new amazing TV series, those which are the most popular on the iTunes Store.
Learn more about your favorite actors and actresses, check their IMDB profile which contains their biography, the awards they've won, additional photos and videos, and much more.
Use the Massive Renaming Tool to keep everything organized on your hard disk. Specify a naming pattern and all the episodes from a specific season will be moved to a folder of your choice and renamed using that pattern; so no more manual renaming.
Get even more information about your TV series, actors and episodes using the integrated web browser, which allows you to check them on two wonderful online databases: IMDB and TheTVDB.
Do not miss any episode! TiviFlow will show you when will the next episode from your TV series air so you won't forget to see them anymore.
If you are watching an episode but you have to leave your Mac, you may convert your episodes (only native formats) to be able to play them on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
Get the latest information about your TV series thanks to TheTVDB. If you can't find your TV series, consider contributing with TheTVDB project and so, many other users not only from TiviFlow will be able to enjoy that TV series.

Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Price: $9.99

Added: 02 October, 2012 File size: 34.5 MB
Status: new Download times: 512 kb/s: 09 m 12 s
Program type: commercial   1 Mb/s: 04 m 36 s
      2 Mb/s: 02 m 18 s
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Download TiviFlow 1.3
TiviFlow 1.3

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Download TiviFlow 1.3
TiviFlow 1.3
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