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Tempest City 1.0

It's five weeks into zombie outbreak hell. You are Sean Page, a former NSA operative assigned to a task force. Your mission is to investigate an electronic signal sent out from a facility in the zombie-infested Tempest City. It's your job to make sure you and your teammates get out alive.Designed primarily with action in mind rather than survival horror, Tempest City is a moody, adrenaline-filled top-down shooter. The action is fast paced and the zombies are unforgiving, but you have a keen eye and a sizeable arsenal of weapons at your disposal as you progress through the storyline.

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Download Tempest City 1.0
Tempest City 1.0

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Download Tempest City 1.0
Tempest City 1.0
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Download Tempest City 1.0
Tempest City 1.0
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