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SwingBench consists of a load generator, a coordinator and a cluster overview. The software enables a load to be generated and the transactions/response times to be charted.

Swingbench can be used to demonstrate and test technologies such as Real Application Clusters, Online table rebuilds, Standby databases, Online backup and recovery etc.

The code that ships with SwingBench includes four benchmarks, OrderEntry, SalesHistory, CallingCircle and StressTest.

* OrderEntry is based on the "oe" schema that ships with Oracle11g. It has been modified so that Spatial, Intermedia schema's do not need to be installed. It can be run continuously (that is until you run out of space). It introduces heavy contention on a small number of tables and is designed to stress interconnects and memory. It is installed using the "oewizard" located in the bin directory.
* SalesHistory is based on the 'sh' schema that ships with Oracle11g and is designed to test the performance of complicated queries when run against large tables. It is read only and can be scaled over a number of default sizes from 1GB to 1TB. A custom mode also allows for the creation of smaller and larger schemas
* CallingCircle simulates the SQL that is generated for a online telco application. It requires data files to be generated and copied from the database server to the load generator before each run, it typically requires between 1 and 8 GB of disk space. Both benchmarks are heavily CPU intensive. Experience has shown that you require at least 1 processor of load generator to every 2 processors of database server. It is designed to stress the CPU and memory without the need for a powerful I/O subsystem. Its is installed using the "ccwizard" located in the bin directory
* StressTest simply fires random inserts,updates,selects and updates against a well know table.

The entire framework is developed in Java and as a result can be run on wide variety of platforms. It also provides a simple API to allow developers to build their own benchmarks.

Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X

System requirements: Java 6 or later

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Download Swingbench

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