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Swfprotect 1.6

If you have designed an excellent flash based site or beautiful animation to drive up the amount of traffic to your website, it won't take long for crooked souls to steal your flash source make a few minor changes and pander them as their own. There's nothing you would be able to do prevent the travesty. With flash decompiling software programs so easily and readily availing, even a complete novice can rob you of your creations and your countless hours of hard labor, money and talent will be drained away in a jiffy. We offer a free trial, unlimited support and of course maximum protection.

But there are a few things you can do to protect your flash animations. All you have to do is to encrypt your animations in such a way, that they can't be decompiled and reused. For doing this, you can use the SWF Protect v1.6. It's a powerful and unique software that will encrypt your flash pages so perfectly that any attempt to download and reuse it will be thwarted. Moreover, encrypting an average flash file takes little less than ten seconds

It's very easy to use the software. And once you have encrypted your flash animations and images, you can upload them on your website, without any fear of them being lifted or stolen. It's impossible to lift flash images that have been encrypted with SWF Protect v1.6. Anybody who tries to use decompiling software will only down a pile of utter gibberish and nonsense

Platforms: Windows 3.1x , Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Millennium , Windows XP , Windows2000

System requirements: n/a

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Download Swfprotect 1.6
Swfprotect 1.6

Tags: Protect Flash, Protect Swf, Protect Actionscript, Actionscript Obfuscator

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Download Swfprotect 1.6
Swfprotect 1.6
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Download Swfprotect 1.6
Swfprotect 1.6
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