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Download Startup Informer 3.32
Startup Informer 3.32

Startup Informer is your personal digital assistant,
an automated SocialMedia manager for the 21st century Founder.

In being a Startup or Small Business, you're small and you feel chanceless?
Visibility. It's one of the greatest battles on earth.

SI automates your Tweets. Configure 3 Websites, a Twitter account, friends, newstickers, free imagery and Quotes. SI will post informations about your Website and creates a beautiful Timeline.

Startup Informer features:

- configure up to 3 Websites, free of charge
- authentify one Twitter account, free of charge
- Startup Informer will read your Website Sitemap in all its pages
- Startup Informer will start Tweeting Informations for you
- SI will inform about selected singular Website Pages
- SI supports sub-pages (https://dynamic-applications.com/downloads)
- SI will Retweet your best Friends, once in a while
- SI will Retweet additional infos (News Magazines, Quotes, Pictures)
- SI will curate your best Tweets in history, and repeat them for you
- SI collects and retweets your favourite Hashtags
- SI will favour the Tweets with most RT and Favs, statistically chosen
- SI will run as long your Laptop or PC is running
- SI has minimal energy consumption (1 kWh/week), all Tweets cached internally
- SI brings highly detailed log-file creation, so that it's fully transparent
- SI can startup minimized, and can be placed in your Autostart folder.

System Requirements:

- a classic sitemap.xml file that lists your Website pages
(most 21st century Small Business websites have one, anyways).
- a Twitter account, chance of participation in world's fastest network
(get these from Twitter.com, free of charge).

All in all, Startup Informer is the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful Timeline for your followers or fan crowd, so that you can concentrate on your wonderworks, whether it's Software, Music, Videos, Games, or it is your personal Business Services or Product offering.

Platforms: Windows , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows7 , Win7 x32 , Win7 x64

System requirements: Windows 7/8/10 with .NET 4.7 (installed automatically). Low Hardware requirements (1 kWh / week).

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Download Startup Informer 3.32
Startup Informer 3.32

Tags: Startup, Informer, Info, Small Business, Socialmedia, Socialbot, Socialcyborg, Distribution, Website, Management, Dynamicons, Dynamic Applications

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Download Startup Informer 3.32
Startup Informer 3.32
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Download Startup Informer 3.32
Startup Informer 3.32
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