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Download SQLitePluginPro 1.3
SQLitePluginPro 1.3

SQLitePluginPro is a REALbasic plugin that provides a powerful database engine built on top of SQLite, an embeddable, stand-alone SQL database library written in C. SQLite databases are stored as files on the user's local filesystem and in the near future also on a remote server. With SQLitePluginPro, you can use REALbasic's built-in database controls and classes to create SQLite database applications. What's New: Version 1.3:Fixed a build problem with MachO plugin Updated to version 2.8.15 of SQLite Added AttachDatabase method to SQLiteDatabase Fixed the name of the column returned by TableSchema (to "TableName") Now returns unlimited results when run from a REALbasic 5 IDE or later Included a tutorial on converting the REALbasic datbase examples to work with SQLitePluginPro

Platforms: Mac

System requirements: REALbasic 2.1.2 or later.

Price: $119.00

Added: 13 February, 2009 File size: 2.0 MB
Status: new Download times: 512 kb/s: 32 s
Program type: demo   1 Mb/s: 16 s
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Download SQLitePluginPro 1.3
SQLitePluginPro 1.3

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Download SQLitePluginPro 1.3
SQLitePluginPro 1.3
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