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SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8

Download SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8

SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a high-performance RAM disk application that lets you have a disk on your computer entirely stored in the memory. As the memory is much faster than physical hard disks, it makes sense to store temporary data on a fast in-memory disk to achieve a higher performance and a longer life of your HDD or SSD.

The program creates a virtual disk residing in the computer RAM accessible in Windows Explorer and other applications, allowing you to store any temporary information on this disk. Furthermore, Windows can be configured to use the disk for temporary files, so the system and most applications will use the fast in-memory disk for temporary data. As Windows and third-party applications often create a large number of temporary files for a short time only, using a RAM disk will extend your hard disk's life by sparing it from excessive reading and writing.

Modern computers are equipped with at least 1 GB of RAM, however most of the time there is a lot of unused memory that could be used as a high-performance alternative to the slower hard disk storage. This product lets you create any number of virtual RAM disks limited only by the memory available. You can also work with on-disk images and RAM disks associated with an on-disk file that ensures your data is preserved between sessions.

Platforms: Windows , Windows 8 , Windows Server , Windows Vista , Windows Vista Business , Windows Vista Business x64 , Windows Vista Enterprise , Windows Vista Enterprise x64 , Windows Vista Home Basic , Windows Vista Home Basic x64 , Windows Vista Home Premium , Windows Vista Home Premium x64 , Windows Vista Starter , Windows Vista Ultimate , Windows Vista Ultimate x64 , Windows XP , Windows2000 , Windows2003 , Windows7 , WinServer

System requirements: A sufficient amount of RAM depending on disks created.

Price: $29.00

Added: 02 December, 2018 File size: 3.2 MB
Status: update Download times: 512 kb/s: 52 s
Program type: shareware   1 Mb/s: 26 s
      2 Mb/s: 13 s
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Download SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8

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Download SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8
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Download SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8
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