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ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8

Download ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8
ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8

ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.85 is the latest version of this shareware manager program, developed by NSN Software. It is possible to download a trial version and evaluate free of charge for a 30-day period. We can purchase this product online by downloading a receiving a registration key via e-mail. It has been designed to help us manage our contacts and calendar information. From the Main Window, we can access the Main Organizer View, which gives a link to New Contact, New Task, New Notes, New Event, Print Preview, Explore Address Book, Labels, Explore Calendar, Envelopes, Recycle Bin, Email, Import/Export, Monthly Calendar, Weekly Calendar, and Daily Calendar. We can customize all this features to our preferences, search sort, edit, filter, and print them.
There are several style options for each calendar and address book. Once selected, we can edit it, change color, size, fonts, etc. We can add appointments, meetings, dates, holidays, images, and other relevant events we need to have handy. We can have access quite easily to any of its features, for example, we select an envelope, write the address, select font, size, and position, and print it. We can choose a contact from the address book, and phone him/her from the interface, send an email message to several recipients. We can also make labels and print them. There is also a Holidays list for many countries, clock, phone dialer, and directory servers. It runs under Windows 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ VISTA operating systems.

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $19.95

Added: 11 October, 2012
Status: new
Program type: shareware  
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Download ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8
ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8

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Download ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8
ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8
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Download ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8
ReadyToPrint Organizer 4.8
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