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PsychroAssay 2.0

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Download PsychroAssay 2.0
PsychroAssay 2.0

PsychroAssay performs high-precision calculations of psychrometric processes between two determined single-state moist airstreams points. It implements the latest mathematical models for the simulation of the physics of water vapor, dry air and moist air as real gases. Given two different thermodynamic property values of moist air, a flow rate and an absolute pressure value as input parameters, the application calculates 14 psychrometric quantities for each of the two moist airstreams state points. Once these state points are determined, it allows to conduct a psychrometric analysis for seven different psychrometric processes between them. The results obtained are suitable for scientific or industrial use, HVAC, meteorology and related fields.

-Performs all the calculations implementing the latest mathematical models used to generate the tables for moist air properties and thermodynamic properties of water in the 2009 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.

-For the calculation of each State Point, it allows for 17 different combinations of thermodynamic properties to be entered as input parameters:

Dry-bulb Temperature / Wet-bulb Temperature
Dry-bulb Temperature / Dew Point Temperature
Dry-bulb Temperature / Relative Humidity
Dry-bulb Temperature / Humidity Ratio
Dry-bulb Temperature / Specific Enthalpy
Dry-bulb Temperature / Specific Volume
Wet-bulb Temperature / Dew Point Temperature
Wet-bulb Temperature / Relative Humidity
Wet-bulb Temperature / Humidity Ratio
Dew Point Temperature / Relative Humidity
Dew Point Temperature / Specific Enthalpy
Dew Point Temperature / Specific Volume
Relative Humidity / Humidity Ratio
Relative Humidity / Specific Enthalpy
Relative Humidity / Specific Volume
Humidity Ratio / Specific Enthalpy
Humidity Ratio / Specific Volume

-Output psychrometric properties for each State Point:

Dry-Bulb Temperature
Wet-Bulb Temperature
Dew Point Temperature
Moist Air Pressure
Water Vapor Pressure
Saturation Water Vapor Pressure
Humidity Ratio
Saturation Humidity Ratio
Relative Humidity
Absolute Humidity
Parts per million by weight
Parts per million by volume
Enhancement Factor
Specific Volume of Moist Air
Density of Moist Air
Specific Enthalpy of Moist Air
Specific Isobaric Heat Capacity of Moist Air

-The following psychrometric processes are calculated between State Point 1 and State Point 2:

Sensible Heating
Sensible Cooling
Heating and Humidification
Cooling and Dehumidification
Evaporative Cooling
Heating and Dehumidification
Airstream Mixing

-Output results for the psychrometric processes (not all results are available for each of the processes):

Total Heating
Total Energy
Sensible Energy
Latent Energy
Moisture Difference
Sensible Heat Ratio
Enthalpy/Humidity Ratio
Saturation Humidity Ratio
Mass Humidification Rate
Volume Humidification Rate
Cooling Effectivness
Mass Evaporation Rate
Volume Evaporation Rate
Sensible Energy per Dehumidification

-Supports input parameters and calculation results in both SI (metric) and I-P (English) system of units.

-Range of variables in the SI (metric) system of units:

Platforms: iOS

System requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Price: $6.99

Added: 15 November, 2013 File size: 7.3 MB
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Download PsychroAssay 2.0
PsychroAssay 2.0

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Download PsychroAssay 2.0
PsychroAssay 2.0
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