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Prof Inventory 2.4

ProfInventory is an excellent tool for system admins that allows easily inventorying hardware and software in the network and tracking all the changes in its configuration. Its great advantage is that it does not require installation of client-side software on the remote computers of the network. All the examination is done from the main, system administrator's PC. Each computer in the network is scanned at the intervals specified by you. Thanks to a special technology, the program records to its database only modified data. It allows the program to work with a large number of machines while maintaining a small size of the database.

Scanning your network with ProfInventory is swift. The tool allows you to fully customize scanning options and receive only the information you need at the moment. You'll have a report that will include all the specific data concerning networking computers, including information about hardware, as well as software installed and run on the computers. It allows you not only have a full comprehension of the current state of the network, it also makes it possible to track the changes which is really useful when you are trying to find the source of any malfunctioning or simply want to keep an eye on what every user is doing with their computers. It's possible to track the history of changes within any specific date range and see the configuration at any chosen date point.

If you are after fast, comprehensive and easily customizable reports on your network inventory, ProfInventory will be a great solution.

Platforms: WinXP , Windows 2000 , Windows 2003 , Windows XP , Windows2000 , Windows2003 , Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , WinServer

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $69.95

Added: 30 June, 2011 File size: 4.3 MB
Status: update Download times: 512 kb/s: 01 m 09 s
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Download Prof Inventory 2.4
Prof Inventory 2.4

Tags: Software Inventory, Inventory, Network Inventory, Network Management, Pc Inventory, Inventory Track, Audit Software

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Download Prof Inventory 2.4
Prof Inventory 2.4
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Download Prof Inventory 2.4
Prof Inventory 2.4
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