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PnotesPadLite 1.0.0

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Download PnotesPadLite 1.0.0
PnotesPadLite 1.0.0

PnotesPadLite is a free version of the PnotesPad (Pnotes for iPhone) App which is a simple app for managing and organizing "Personal" notes.

The app allows users to store and retrieve user IDs, passwords, secure questions, account numbers for users' internet accounts. It also provides miscellaneous notes entries for personal uses. Examples of personal notes are medical clinic chart numbers, bank, stock brokerage, and credit card accounts, online shopping, & news accounts, paraphrase (key) for home wireless WiFi router, access ID and passwords for home external data storage, automobile master lock code, serial numbers for electric appliances, electronic gadgets, software keys, insurance account access, home utilities accounts, car motor online forums etc, to name a few.

A. Key features

0. By design, Pnotes does not prompt for user registration. In fact, creator of Pnotes has no knowledge of who has downloaded the App or who is using the App. There is no external connection to the internet. The utmost goal of Pnotes is to maintain user privacy and security.

1. All the important info such as user IDs, passwords, account numbers, personal notes are encrypted based on the application program interface (API) provided by iOS.

2. Pnotes is a passcode-protected app using a unique tapping scheme. A numeric keypad option is also available when user enter a new passcode either during first time use or passcode reset.

3. It provides "Days Old" setting to trigger a reminder for changing passwords of the outdated accounts. When the "Days Old" condition for the entry is met, the entry will be highlighted as well as a badge number is shown in the tab bar icon to indicate the number of entries needed to be updated.

4. When user sets the password in the account detail view, Pnotes will automatically update the date entry with the current date. The date entry will be used for the "Days Old" condition to alert users that it is time to change password.

5. PnotesPadLite allows user to enter up to maximum of 8 notes.

Platforms: iOS

System requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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Download PnotesPadLite 1.0.0
PnotesPadLite 1.0.0

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Download PnotesPadLite 1.0.0
PnotesPadLite 1.0.0
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