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MiniContractManager 2.2

Download MiniContractManager 2.2
MiniContractManager 2.2

Mini Contract Manager is a flexible and easy to use database application designed to take the pain out of contract management. It offers configurable email templates, visual status (current, expired, review), reference multiple parties, assign administrators, link external documents to contracts and more.

Mini Contract Manager offers easy overview of contracts. Status and vital information is displayed on the main window.

Contract records contain vital details such as serial numbers, category, commencement and termination dates, review reminder date, contract administrator, notes, local and other parties.

There is no need to double enter support documentation into the database. Associated documentation can be linked to each contract. Files such as contract details, document scans, correspondence, invoices and purchase orders will remain easy to track and associate with the relevant contract.

Email templates make, single click, emails a breeze. Any relevant contract or contact information can be included in the email using place holder variables. Unlimited configurable email templates can be added to streamline the management of reminders, offers or other correspondence.

Mini Contract Manager also includes a custom menu system. Often you need to start associated support applications, view files and documents or navigate to frequently used directories. The "Custom Menu" allows you launch these with a single click without having to minimise the application to navigate file systems and large menu structures.

System requirements: Not specified

Added: 05 July, 2012
Status: new
Program type: shareware  
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Download MiniContractManager 2.2
MiniContractManager 2.2

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Download MiniContractManager 2.2
MiniContractManager 2.2
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