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Download Jar2Exe 2.2.2
Jar2Exe 2.2.2

Jar2Exe is a tool to wrap jar files into binary exe files for Windows, Linux and Mac.

To start java from generated exe files is more convenient: 1) Easy to start, generated exe files will find JRE on host by itself. 2) Easy to configure, generated exe files are configurable for Java vm parameters or options defined by Jar2Exe. 3) Safe to redistribute, jar files are encrypted and hidden into exe file. So the java program cannot be extracted and decompiled. 4) Function enhancement, generated exe files have many function enhancements, such as you can run java program as a Service on Windows and Linux without developing with OS.

About Jar2Exe itself: 1) Jar2Exe supports Wizard Mode and Command Line Mode to run. 2) Jar2Exe runs on Windows, but Jar2Exe can generate exe files for Windows and Linux. 3) 32 bits, 64 bits and universal binary supported, 64 bits edition of Jar2Exe can generate both 32 and 64 bits exe files. 4) Jar2Exe can generate "Console", "Windows GUI", "Service" 3 types of applications. 5) It supports to pack depended jar files into a single exe file.

The develop license is free. If you want to redistribute generated exe files to your customers as a product, you need to purchase Jar2Exe. Without purchase, you are allowed to use Jar2Exe for developing, test and demonstration.

Platforms: Windows , Windows Server , Windows Vista , Windows XP , Windows2000 , Windows7 , WinServer

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $145.00

Versions History:

Date Released: Version: Change Info:
2017-12-18 00:00:00 2.2.2 Support to start with JAVA 9.

Added: 02 January, 2018 File size: 7.0 MB
Status: update Download times: 512 kb/s: 01 m 52 s
Program type: shareware   1 Mb/s: 56 s
      2 Mb/s: 28 s
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Download Jar2Exe 2.2.2
Jar2Exe 2.2.2

Tags: Jar, Exe, Jar2exe, Jartoexe, Service, Linux, Encrypt, X64, Mac, Universal, Os X

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Download Jar2Exe 2.2.2
Jar2Exe 2.2.2
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