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IconLab 1.0

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IconLab 1.0

IconLab is a simple but powerful utility that allows you to create and export OS X and iOS icons from one or more image files in a really quick and easy way.

* Create amazing OS X icons either by just dragging a single image or by dragging multiple images for each resolution and size.
* Export your OS X icons in ICNS icon file format or even using the recently introduced icon set directory format.
* Want to produce Retina Display ready icons? No problem, just make sure your image is 1024x1024 or greater and IconLab will create a retina-ready icns or icon set.
* Create and preview wonderful iOS icons to export them for each device, setting and resolution with no effort!
* Store your documents in iCloud to open and edit them wherever you are!

NOTE: IconLab uses iconutil to export ICNS files. This tool is included in Apple's Xcode Command Line Tools.

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Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X 10.8

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $2.99

Added: 21 January, 2014
Status: new
Program type: shareware  
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Download IconLab 1.0
IconLab 1.0

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Download IconLab 1.0
IconLab 1.0
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