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Download FullRecall 1.5.3
FullRecall 1.5.3

FullRecall is a software that learns itself about your memory in order to help you memorize knowledge effectively by scheduling optimal intervals between repetitions. The sofware uses artificial neural network, which gradually grasps your forgetting curve, to schedule reviews on days when you'll be close to forgetting an information. With FullRecall you can learn the most in the minimum time without worrying about forgetting what you have already learned.

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Download FullRecall 1.5.3
FullRecall 1.5.3

Tags: Fullrecall, Learning, Repetitions, Memory, Forgetting, Flashcards, Speed-Learning, Memorization, Active Recall, Learn, Optimal Repetitions, Repetition, Repetition Spacing, Spaced Repetition, Cross-Platform

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Download FullRecall 1.5.3
FullRecall 1.5.3
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