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Download FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1
FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1

High-performance universal XML Schema Documentation Generator with diagrams.


* Takes on input any number of W3C XML Schema (XSD) files and generates by them a multi-file Javadoc-like HTML documentation as well as single-file HTML and RTF
* Automatically loads and documents all referenced XML schemas. If some schema files are located differently as specified in the references, you can redirect to them using XML catalogs
* Ability to process and document together hundreds of XSD files with thousands of components. In case of framed HTML, you get a highly-navigable documentation that enables you to quickly find anything you need within such enormous heap of data!
* Diagrams look as those produced by XMLSpy, however, are generated by own diagramming engine and inserted directly in the documentation (both HTML/RTF). In case of HTML, diagrams are supplied with hyperlink maps
* Uses of XHTML tags in XML schema annotations to format descriptions (as well as insert images) in both HTML/RTF.


The XML Schema doc-generator itself (called 'XSDDoc') is implemented as a set of special templates, which are open for any customizations.

FlexDoc/XML is a software system for development and execution of high-quality doc/report generators from any data stored in XML files. The actual doc-generators are programmed in the form of special templates using a graphic Template Designer that represents the templates visually in a form resembling the output they generate. Further, the templates are interpreted by the Template Processor that takes on input the XML files and produces by them the result documentation.

FlexDoc/XML is a pure Java application. So, it runs anywhere Java SE works (e.g. on Windows, Linux and macOS) and seamlessly integrates with Apache Ant/Maven. The included Maven plugin allows running XSDDoc from Maven. This, in effect, makes it the world's only Maven plugin able to generate XML Schema documentation with diagrams!

Platforms: Windows , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Win2000 , WinXP , Win7 x32 , Win7 x64

System requirements: Java SE 8 or later

Price: $249.00

Added: 09 February, 2019 File size: 8.5 MB
Status: new Download times: 512 kb/s: 02 m 16 s
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Download FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1
FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1

Tags: Xml Schema, Xsd, Documentation Generator, Doc-Generator, Docgen, Viewer, Diagram, Visualization, Xsddoc, Xmlspy, Javadoc

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Download FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1
FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1
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Download FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1
FlexDoc XML XSDDoc 2.9.1
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