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Electrist 1.34

For figuring everything electrical nothing else comes close. Try the free trial and see why engineers in some of the finest R&D laboratories in the world, industrial maintenance crews, power utilities, RF & audio engineers, circuit designers, telecom engineers, and Ham operators have rated it the top electrical and electronic engineering tool for Palm OS. With the most advanced user interface and features available, and formulas found in no other software backed up with world-class customer service, it's no wonder!<br> Electrist does NEC ampacity look-ups to quickly get wire and cable sizes for any application in both the AWG and Metric standards. You can also enter any conductor properties and accurately find the voltage drop.<br> Size 3 phase systems with the load calculator. Enter any number & configuration of delta or wye/star and 3 phase, line-to-line, line-to-neutral, and/or centertap-to-neutral to instantly get both the phase and line loading in current, true and apparent power. Hundreds of formulas & variations:<br><br> Ohm's Law/Watt's Law<br> Resistor Color Code<br> Series/Parallel Resistance/Inductance/Capacitance<br> Unknown Value of Parallel Resistance/Parallel Inductance/Series Capacitance<br> Voltage/Current Dividers<br> Capacitive/Inductive Reactance<br> Series/Parallel Resistive/Inductive/Capacitive Impedance - in parallel, series, and as current<br> Peak/Peak-to-Peak/RMS/Average Sine Wave Conversion<br> Wavelength/Frequency/Period/Velocity<br> Delta/Wye Conversion<br> RC/RL Time Constant<br> dB,dBu,dBm,dBW,dBuV, dBV (with either equal or unequal impedances)<br> VSWR<br> Resonant Frequency<br> Periodic Waves<br> Conductor Voltage Drop - single or parallel conductors<br> Conductor Size Selection - single or parallel conductors<br> 3 Phase Load Balance<br> 3 Phase Voltage Unbalance - both NEMA and IEC negative sequence<br> 3 Phase Active, Apparent, && Reactive Power Cost of Use<br>

Platforms: Palm OS , Palm OS 3.0 , Palm OS 3.1 , Palm OS 3.2 , Palm OS 4.0 , Palm OS 5.0 , Palm OS 6.0

System requirements: Palm OS 3.5 or newer

Price: $20.00

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Download Electrist 1.34
Electrist 1.34

Tags: Ohms, Watts, Decibel, Delta, Voltage Drop, VSWR, Cmil, Volt, Voltage, Current, Resistor, Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, Reactance, Impedance, Conductor, Palm

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Download Electrist 1.34
Electrist 1.34
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