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eCover3D 1.0

eCover 3D is offering free graphics editing software to complement the over 150 pre-designed templates that are included with eCover 3D. This means that not only can you use the editing module that is included with the eCover 3D software but if you need expert photo enhancement or digital retouching then you will be able to create even more templates.


- Complete Freedom of Design: Now, you can create an ebook cover to look the way you want. With the flexibility offered in eCover 3D you will produce top quality ecovers.
Easy to Use

- Easy to Use: eCover 3D is very easy to use. Now, you can design an ebook cover in minutes. Simply select your template, add your text and choose your look.

- Professional Cover Design: Looking for a quality? Design and unlimited number of ebook covers, CD covers, DVD covers, notebook covers, software covers and open book covers

- Over 150 Pre-Designed Templates: Our professionally pre-designed templates allow you to add your text for a custom designed ecover to present your product. Or design your own cover and add it to eCover 3D

- Incredible Image Quality: No need for a graphic designer. We have provided for you the very best in 3D ebook cover and 3D ecover design so you can create truly professional results.

- Open Book Cover (Exclusive with eCover 3D): With the impressive 'Page Flip' feature you can make the page to in the open ebook cover to any angle you want. CD and DVD covers have even more special effects

- Professionl 2D Editing: Not only can you add text and insert images, but you can enhance your cover design withg the many editing features included in the 2D View to create the perfect result.

- Real-Time 3D Rendering: Have fun in the 3D View by rotating the image to any angle possible. Then add special effects such as scaling, shadows, light direction and floor reflection.

- eCover 3D User Guide: eCover 3D includes full support and help including a full help manual, quick start quide, eCover 3D Video Tour and customer service center.

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $97.00

Added: 16 June, 2012 File size: 6.2 MB
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Download eCover3D 1.0
eCover3D 1.0

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Download eCover3D 1.0
eCover3D 1.0
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