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Dropbox Encore 1.0

Download Dropbox Encore 1.0
Dropbox Encore 1.0

Dropbox shared folders let two users (i.e., two accounts) share a folder of files. See the Dropbox Help for more information.

But sometimes Dropbox Sharing is not what you want, e.g., independent work and home accounts. Dropbox Encore enables a second instance of Dropbox to run in a single Mac OS X user account.

Each instance of Dropbox must have (1) a unique Dropbox account and (2) a separate local Dropbox folder.


* Dropbox does not officially support two accounts on a single Mac account ... but it works. Dropbox does officially support a separate Dropbox account for each user account on a single Mac.
* Folder and file icons in the second Dropbox do not have the Dropbox "checkmark" indicating the item has been synchronized.
* Multiple, simultaneous Dropbox accounts can be confusing and lead to mistakes (e.g., my Dropbox Forums blunder). Be sure to check out official Dropbox Sharing before experimenting with Dropbox Encore.

Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X 10.5

System requirements: Dropbox

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Download Dropbox Encore 1.0
Dropbox Encore 1.0

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Download Dropbox Encore 1.0
Dropbox Encore 1.0
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Download Dropbox Encore 1.0
Dropbox Encore 1.0
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