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Diet Clock 3.01

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Download Diet Clock 3.01
Diet Clock 3.01

New version of this popular app

Eating regularly is an essential part of most diets since blood sugar level should not fall too low between meals. The recommendation is usually to eat every third hour or 5 meals per day (e.g. the low glycemic index diet).

This simple app will remind you every third hour throughout the day or at your own interval.

Main features:
? 5+ reminding sounds
? Easy to use interface
? Selectable reminding intervals

Note: Please follow your individual diet. This app will only help you to remember your meals.

Platforms: iOS

System requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Price: $0.99

Added: 07 June, 2012 File size: 1.5 MB
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Download Diet Clock 3.01
Diet Clock 3.01

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Download Diet Clock 3.01
Diet Clock 3.01
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Download Diet Clock 3.01
Diet Clock 3.01
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