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Dataceptor 2.0

Dataceptor is a web server for Windows users with very advanced features. Dataceptor web server has the capability to run as a service instead of as a desktop application. It is supported on almost all ODBC databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Microsoft Access and Navision. It can access all information from these databases and show the data on the web, which helps the user create intranet, extranet or internet applications based on data that he already has. It also supports PDAs and smart phones as target device, so anyone can access the data available in databases on these devices through Dataceptor.
It allows you to view and manipulate data directly from a web application. It has many forms already installed, which are very useful for product catalogs and customer management type portal applications. It has an interactive web display, so by using this tool the administrator can manipulate data, and an authenticated user can view all the data. It also shows all the data with full information with the help of graphs and bars. Administrators can create an authenticated user who can add data to the database directly from internet, intranet, extranet or other portable devices. It also allows the user to create or edit forms in a database and add information to it.

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Download Dataceptor 2.0
Dataceptor 2.0

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Download Dataceptor 2.0
Dataceptor 2.0
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