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CodFree 6.0

Codfree is italian freeware software for the verification and search of Italian tax codes, it provides a complete database of these codes, letting the user to modify and save any information of this any particular code. It includes the amendments, municipalities and the abroad Italian states.

This software is supported from Windows 9x to XP, its very easy to install but for the use you will need the proper knowledge of the codes and an excellent domain of the Italian. This code is based on the idea to identify personal data of a place and birth date, also the management of a IVA numbers. Codfree lets the user save new data to avoid the re-enter or re-search of the same data.

It also provides options to change the appearance, and options to permit to use the card created with other programs like Photoshop, Notepad, MS Paint, MS Word, MS Excel, Paint Shop Pro and others.

The program itself is very useful if you were in Italy and you need to verify the information of a Tax code, but it’s not useful outside of this region and without the proper codes or numbers to get the requested information.

System requirements: Not specified

Added: 25 July, 2012
Status: new
Program type: freeware  
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Download CodFree 6.0
CodFree 6.0

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Download CodFree 6.0
CodFree 6.0
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