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Classeur 12.0.0

Key features of the application are as follows: -Simple navigation: via a floating window, that stays on top of other windows and contains button links to the various key modules of the application. Information between modules is hyperlinked, clicking or Double-Clicking a piece of information in one module, will automatically finds it and brings it up in the source module, where the info was defined. -Relational and fully normalised: information changed in one location only, and automatically updated wherever used oAlso Hierarchical information, with unlimited nested levels, for the key Objects in the application. oTree views of the hierarchy, with multi-select and multi drag and drop actions from the Tree -User friendly graphical interface, with simple data entry via typing with auto-matching of existing values or via drop down selection list. Messages and visual cues for all data rules. -Capture Company details, Department details, Individuals details, all interlinked with hierarchical options for Branches, Managers, etc.. -Capture Location details, with hierarchical options for Location containing other Locations; interlinked to the other modules such as Products at location, companies, etc.. -Capture Product details, with hierarchical options for Product content; interlinked to the other modules, such as Locations, etc..Define any type of Product via a generic Goods module or use specific product modules such as Software, Hardware, etc.. oCapture Product Instances, where warranted, with serial numbers, etc..for Goods that need unique identification for each produced Goods -Capture Sales, Orders, with automatic Inventory updates across Goods -Assign Multi-Documents/Folders hyperlinks with every record -Promotion campaign via Discounts and associated expiry dates -Multi-currency with auto-conversion, custom defined -Projects and Issues Management

Platforms: WinVista , WinXP , Windows Vista , Windows XP , Win7 x32

System requirements: Microsoft Access 2003/or Runtime, and above

Price: $12.00

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Download Classeur 12.0.0
Classeur 12.0.0

Tags: Crm, Pim, Contacts, Issues, Orders, Sales, Customers, Locations, Goods, Statistics

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Download Classeur 12.0.0
Classeur 12.0.0
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