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Bossman 2.0

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Download Bossman 2.0
Bossman 2.0

If you are a ground maintenance professional (yardman), Bossman app is for you. It will help you to be better organized, to keep track of your jobs, employees and help you better communicate with your customers.

This is a demo version of Bossman Pro app available in iTunes store. It allows you to enter one customer and no employees.

Bossman helps you to collects valuable data about your daily routines, organize them for you so you always know what, when and where. It tells you who was working on each job. Bossman allows you to collect and organize data in 3 main categories, maintenance jobs logs, repair jobs logs and landscaping jobs logs. You can also build your shopping list, e-mail it to your favorite supplier and keep track of all your expenses for your billing. Invoices module lets you generate invoices on the fly and instantly e-mail them to your customers. You can take a photos of your customers property and store them under customer name. Export and archive your data.

App features:

* Customer information.
* Contact information
* Location, map
* Property
* Grounds
* Irrigation
* Log in information about each service stop. What you did and who was working with you.
* Grounds Maintenance information
* Fertilization
* Repair information
* Parts used for the repair
* Landscaping
* Planting
* Employees tracking
* Direct email work log to your customer
* Leave yourselves unlimited notes about each job
Take a pictures
* Generate reports about all your jobs performed for selected or all customers.
* Select report dates
* Select customer(s)
* Select Task
* Create detail or summary report showing all jobs for selected time frame
* View all customers by the neighborhood.
* List all your customer by the neighborhood
* Message Center
* Send customer a message to reschedule an appointment
* Keep track of your employees.
* Create a list of all your employees
* Create a report for all employee jobs
* Create shopping list.
* Build your shopping list and email it to your supply store
* Create expanse list.

* Create expense list so you don't forget any expenses when you prepare invoices
Create instant invoices you can email from your iPhone.

Coming in next versions:
Route manager, agro calculators.

Platforms: iOS

System requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Added: 23 April, 2012 File size: 1.1 MB
Status: new Download times: 512 kb/s: 18 s
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Download Bossman 2.0
Bossman 2.0

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Download Bossman 2.0
Bossman 2.0
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