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BinDiff 1.1.3

Download BinDiff 1.1.3
BinDiff 1.1.3

BinDiff is a cross-platform diff utility for binary files. BinDiff intelligently compares two versions of a binary file, and creates a diff file that contains the differences between the two files. An example: you could use BinDiff when you regularly have to send updates of a large file over some communications line: instead of sending a complete update each time, you could send the complete file only once, and after that you could create a diff file between the original file and the updated file. At the receiving side, this diff file can be used to create the updated file from the original file. Creating a diff file is quite processor- and memory intensive. On the other hand, using a diff file to create the updated file is a very lightweight and fast process.. Rorohiko Ltd. » History Log. This is the web site of Rorohiko Ltd.

Platforms: Mac

System requirements: Mac OS 9 or later

Added: 19 April, 2010 File size: 179.0 KB
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Download BinDiff 1.1.3
BinDiff 1.1.3

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Download BinDiff 1.1.3
BinDiff 1.1.3
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