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Beaned Game 1.0

Beaned Game is an action game based on Camp Lazlo cartoon characters. In Beaned Game, you must help Lazlo, Raj, and Clam to defeat the space invaders that landed in Camp Kidney. The only way to achieve that is by winning a dodgeball game against the invaders.

Three characters will be controlled by the computer, and the remaining character will be marked with a circle underneath him, signifying that he is ready to shoot. You will use your mouse to aim and throw the ball, and the space bar to jump (in order to avoid the balls that the aliens throw at your characters).

There are three types of balls which cause different kinds of damage to the aliens. The orange balls are the regular ones, the red balls are "spinballs", and the black ones are, in fact, bombs that will cause twice the regular damage.

You can hit more than one alien at a time. It is wise to shoot the alien that has a ball - this way, you will prevent him from shooting at you. If your characters are hit, the game will be over. The environment will change whenever the level changes.

System requirements: Not specified

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Download Beaned Game 1.0
Beaned Game 1.0

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Download Beaned Game 1.0
Beaned Game 1.0
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Download Beaned Game 1.0
Beaned Game 1.0
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