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Download ATEval2Go 1.3.0
ATEval2Go 1.3.0

ATEval2Go is a revolutionary app useful for any professional responsible for putting technology into the hands of students. Authored by seasoned Speech-Language Pathologist/Assistive Technology Specialist Christopher Bugaj, CCC-SLP, this app is designed to help you document all observations and considerations essential to an assistive technology evaluation. ATEval2Go transfers the recording functions accomplished by paper, heavy computer equipment and other devices to the portable and easy-to-use iPad interface. ATEval2Go also allows utilization of a multi-modal method to record information while evaluating the technology needs of a student or a classroom of students, replacing other previously necessary devices such as digital cameras and audio recording devices.

ATEval2Go provides a guide through the evaluation process and a thorough template for technology consideration including the ability to enter text, pictures, and audio about background information, environmental observations, tools already within the environment, student abilities based on targeted goals, and potential recommendations. Using the iPad's multi-function capabilities, professionals can take pictures, record audio, and input text directly in the app generating rich, multimedia artifacts necessary for the purposes of documentation, analysis, and contemporary report creation.

ATEval2Go provides users with the ability to build banks of previously used targeted goals, accommodations, and available technologies. The app also provides the user with banks of commonly used accommodations and recommendations organized by domains such as communication, composition, reading, vision, hearing, etc. Each bank is fully customizable, allowing users to add their own recommendations to build a personalized library of commonly suggested tools and strategies. Due to the portability of the iPad, users can systematically collect pertinent data, select commonly used recommendations, and build a robust report on the fly while in the field. Users can access their own personalized bank of goals, accommodations, and commonly used recommendations anytime, anywhere.

ATEval2Go constructs a cumulative, editable report which can be exported, e-mailed or printed. Saving of data within the app allows a user to manage, maintain, and draw upon past reports as necessary.

ATEval2Go is based on and influenced by frequently-used assistive technology evaluation tools such as Joy Zabala's SETT Framework, the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative Assessment, the Council for Exceptional Children's Assistive Technology Consideration Wheel, the Virginia Assistive Technology Resource Guide, as well as author Christopher Bugaj s over 13 years of experience conducting evaluations.

App Features:
-Enter text, audio, and video entry while being guided through all necessary considerations for an assistive technology evaluation.
-Access and customize banks of current accommodations, targeted domains and goals, and recommendations in a wide array of educational categories.
-Add images, video and audio to support your evaluation.
-Print or share complete reports with text and images via email in several formats for continued editing. Reports can also be shared to iBooks or similar applications as PDF.
-Export reports including audio and video clips via iTunes File Sharing.
- Added ability to export reports to Therapy Report Center ( FREE APP)
- Added ability to backup and restore app database to another iPad via iTunes File Sharing feature
- Export videos and photos taken on the app to photo library
- Improved user interface for displaying selected banked items
- Improved user interface for displaying banked items
- Playback function added to voice recording files
- Added additional information to "Student/teacher information"
- Added ability to type while recording audio on ATEval2Go

Platforms: iOS

System requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Price: $39.99

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Download ATEval2Go 1.3.0
ATEval2Go 1.3.0

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Download ATEval2Go 1.3.0
ATEval2Go 1.3.0
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