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24U Import & Export 1.0

Download 24U Import & Export 1.0
24U Import & Export 1.0

This example demonstrates importing and exporting data to csv and Microsoft Excel format while working with your database over Instant Web Publishing.

The 24U IWP Import and Export Example uses 24U SimpleFile Plug-In to load files into FileMaker Pro. Since they are in XML, Excel files exported from this example will only be readable by Microsoft Office 2003 and newer. However the example has only a few functions, it will show you the basic concept of working with external files in IWP. Feel free to edit the example or incorporate it into your solution.

You need a server license for 24U SimpleFile Plug-In to use this example. Please feel free to use the following complimentary registration code for your evaluation:


This code is valid for 24U SimpleFile Plug-In 1.1 installed on FileMaker Server, and expires on Mar 4, 2010.

To register 24U SimpleFile Plug-In 1.1 on the server follow these steps:

* Create a textfile with a name 24uServerReg.txt
* Open it in your favourite text editor as a plain text (not rich text - no MS Word or OO Writer, use TextEdit or Notepad)
* Copy & Paste the code mentioned above to the first line to the textfile.
* Save 24uServerReg.txt.
* On Macintosh: Place 24uServerReg.txt into /Library/Preferences folder.
* On Windows: Place 24uServerReg.txt into c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data24U folder. Create 24U folder if not exist.

Platforms: Mac , Mac OS X

System requirements: FileMaker

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Download 24U Import & Export 1.0
24U Import & Export 1.0

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Download 24U Import & Export 1.0
24U Import & Export 1.0
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Download 24U Import & Export 1.0
24U Import & Export 1.0
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