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Download 1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00
1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00

Since the Windows clipboard was established in the beginning it is still available nearly unchanged since 20 years. Though there sometimes is a need for copying and pasting different text from and to different clipboards, such features are only supported for some office tools, but never for your whole Windows system. 1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer closes this feature lack - and includes much more clipboard management functions. Just define up to 4 different clipboards. While the 1st one - which is your system clipboard - works totally unchanged, you can feed the other ones with text by a simple shortcut and paste it from there directly as well with another one. It is as easy as working with your default clipboard, you only have to use other hotkeys than CTRL+C / CTRL+V. On the screen for this so-called 'Extended Clipboard' there is an overview about all this content. You can easily copy anything from one clipboard to another or you can empty your default clipboard with just one click. You can also enter any text here directly if you prefer not to use the copy function. But 1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer is much more: The great report feature allows you to log all clipboard changes as long as the program is active. You can analyze when you copied which text to it, and you can easily add previous clipboard content that was deleted meanwhile back to any of these 4 clipboards to paste it again. This log file data is saved to your local system so you can get your clipboard data back even after years! This program requires only very few system resources and runs nearly unrecognizable in the background. You can define the path for your report file and you can empty it later if you really to not need it anymore. And of course the program can be executed with Windows automatically what makes all your own clipboard data available with each system start directly. Entering data or copying it back again and again is boring and time consuming. Accelerate this with this program now!

Platforms: Windows 8 , WinOther , WinVista , WinXP , Windows Vista , Windows Vista Business , Windows Vista Enterprise , Windows Vista Home Basic , Windows Vista Home Premium , Windows Vista Starter , Windows Vista Ultimate , Windows XP , Win7 x32 , Win7 x64

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Price: $19.99

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2013-10-09 00:00:00 3.00 Wipe your clipboard report automatically when program is closed for security reasons by option / Full screen view / Sorting feature for your clipboard content / Delete or erase single or multiple clipboard entries from your clipboard report / Search for old clipboard data easily / And much more!

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Download 1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00
1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00

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Download 1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00
1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00
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Download 1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00
1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00
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