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Why use a map website, when all you need is

With this compact widget, enter your starting zip code and your ending zip code and results calculated land on the web page.



41.0 KB freeware 05 July, 2012
Can’t wait for your Apple Store order

No need to check Apple’s Order Status page constantly, just load up this widget and enter your order number and zip code. The status will update automatically for you, and even count down the days!. JUNECLOUD // software / mac os x / delivery ...

49.0 KB freeware 12 January, 2010
PostCheck is a very nice plugin for Apples Address Book

Is an address missing a ZIP Code? Do you know the ZIP Code, but youre not sure what city its for? Look up your missing address information with a single click, rather than visiting each time. PostCheck will also reformat an address to conform ...

152.0 KB demo 13 October, 2010
Radar In Motion is a Dashboard widget that grabs radar images from the Weather Channel and displays the animation

You can access the radar for a given Zip code or get a regional map. Whats New in This Release: · The end of Invalid Location! messages thanks to the PopularData ZIP code database. They are providing this database free with no restrictions, ...

295.0 KB freeware 11 March, 2010
Jewish Shabbat and holiday dates and candle-lighting times for the coming week

Localized with Zip code and preferred Havdalah time. Also displays Torah reading portion. Content provided by 1-Click Shabbat by Michael Radwin ( Hebcal Widget for Shabbat and Holiday Info.

119.0 KB freeware 15 February, 2010
GeoPostcodes website offers comprehensive and reliable databases of localities and zip codes for numerous countries.

GeoPostcodes website offers comprehensive and reliable databases of localities and zip codes for numerous countries. Such data may be integrated to professional software, websites, may be used to generate statistics and to various other ends. Each of ...

108.0 KB shareware 22 January, 2013
Zipcode Lookup provides a new utility to

Zipcode Lookup provides a new utility to allow you to find and validate zip codes and/or City, State names around the United States. * Note: This application only verifies zip codes within the United States. * This zipcode lookup utility allows ...

1.7 MB commercial 05 August, 2012
Simplicity:   The EarthLink Shopping Widget is a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget aimed at bringing a friendlier shopping experience to Mac users

Tips: * Clicking the (i) button at the top-right of the widget offers the ability to enter a Zip Code, to compute Tax, Shipping and Total Price on certain items. * Past searches are available from the search input box. * Use the keyboards "up" ...

307.2 KB freeware 22 February, 2010
PhotoShelter Search widget will help you search for images and/or photographers using PhotoShelter

Search by name and/or ZIP code. Rights-managed, royalty-free and images for print can all be found using the PhotoShelter Search widget.. Photo hosting. Sell photos. Photography websites. | PhotoShelter. PhotoShelter is the leader in photography websites, ...

84.0 KB freeware 09 June, 2010
The list is retrieved from Yahoo Movie or IMDB

BoxOffice also provides links to showtimes and ticket information using your ZIP code. The ZIP code is given on reverse panel. The widget also crawls Apple’s QuickTime trailer lists and provides links if trailer sites are found. This version ...

94.0 KB freeware 11 October, 2010
Designed to streamline the shipping workflow

A wide range of functionality is can be seamlessly added to your existing solutions so that you can take advantage of address validation, city/state/zip code lookups, domestic and international rates, tracking, time in transit, Express Mail labels, ...

10.0 MB demo 03 October, 2012
Traveling or currently live in the United

Weather Plus for the United States offers: * Current Conditions * Personal Weather Stations and Weather Cameras * Digitalized Forecasts * Zip Code or City, State Lookup for Locations * Quick Camera / Daytime, Nighttime Icon Switch Button * ...

4.0 MB commercial 17 June, 2012
Weather Personal is now available on your

This program allows you to display images from around the world by searching by city, zip code, or latitude and longitude. Based upon Weather Personal for the iPhone and iPod touch, you can now view weather imagery on your desktop just like you do on ...

102.4 KB commercial 22 September, 2012
Softbiz Auto Classifieds script is a Search Engine Optimized powerful, low cost, high end Auto classifieds / Car Classifieds web site solution.

Keyword rich web page URLs, super meta tags and zip code based distance search, powerful site management area ensure success of your website. Car classifieds script features include listing of vehicle with detailed specifications, image gallery with ...

4.3 MB commercial 07 November, 2012
Advanced Contact Form collecting all data necessary for a subscription or so, made with PhP.

*only numerical input for fields like phone or zip code *warning for empty fields; *clear fields function; *easy to costumize with an XML file; *customizable background; *customizable labels; *customizable warning color; *customizable input text color; ...

100.0 KB commercial 13 March, 2013
Current Weather condition on your Menu Bar. Additional 6 day Forecast, Radar Maps and Satellite cloud coverage Maps for your Local Region. We are one of the most complete weather app for everyday use.

) * Current Temperature, Wind Speed and Direction * Rearrange or hide the individual instruments Configuration: * Location by Postal/Zip code or City name * English (Fahrenheit) or Metric (Celsius) * Adjust refresh interval Details window: * 6 day ...

1.7 MB commercial 16 September, 2012
is your source for withholding tax table information.

is your source for withholding tax table information. We provide links for rate tables for various US state withholding taxes, as well as the ZIP2Tax online application. If you have a request for a tax which is not included here, or a correction to the ...

629 B freeware 14 June, 2012
CT-Calc Paycheck CalculatorCT-Calc is a Java Web Start application for calculating US payroll withholding figures. Tax formulas are kept current, and Web Start's versioning provision wi

CT-Calc Paycheck Calculator CT-Calc is a Java Web Start application for calculating US payroll withholding figures. Tax formulas are kept current, and Web Start's versioning provision will automatically update the software when formulas have changed.

634.9 KB shareware 12 September, 2012
A Mac program that changes the desktop background depending on the weather

On the first run, the program will ask for your zip code, and then every five minutes will fetch the current weather report from and use the results to set the desktop background accordingly.

4.6 MB shareware 04 July, 2012
Degrees is a weather AppleScript intended as a replacement for "Current Temperature"...

To enter your location, just replace location with the five digit zip code or City, State. International locations are also supported. Just enter City, Country. Also, by including a percent sign (%) after the location, the script will give you temperatures ...

614.4 KB commercial 18 June, 2012
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