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This is the official WECANDANCE mobile app. The mission of WECANDANCE is to create a small, cozy, day and night beach festival which not only offers great music but wishes to put a smile on everyone's face by spreading peace, love & happiness.

The mission of WECANDANCE is to create a small, cozy, day and night beach festival which not only offers great music but wishes to put a smile on everyone's face by spreading peace, love & happiness.



16.5 MB freeware 22 July, 2014
Namu6 is a fast way to create, maintain, and publish a website.

Namu6 is a fast way to create, maintain, and publish a website. Create a small business, photo journal, student or personal website with Namu6. One click publishing, picture effects and themes are included. Namu6 is best suited for people who want hassle ...

3.9 MB freeware 13 February, 2009
Thumbnail Preview of Tabs on mouse-over

*The size of the thumbnail does not depend on the screen resolution, it depends on the size of the monitor, so there's never a danger of it becoming too big or too small. *The preview is generated after you move the mouse pointer over the tab label, ...

10.2 KB freeware 11 August, 2012
ViewMarks offers an alternative way to organize and use your bookmarks.

When you create a bookmark, a preview image is automatically captured and saved. You can then use a web page view of your bookmark folders, navigate through them, rearrange items with drag and drop, move and copy between folders, edit title, url, keywords ...

256.0 KB freeware 07 June, 2012
The ultimate tool for creating professional,

The ultimate tool for creating professional, dynamic questionnaires quickly and easily As an integral part of Infopoll Online Survey Design Suite Infopoll is possible to create a small, powerful and intuitive windows application that anyone with a fast ...

5.8 MB freeware 05 October, 2012
Easytoon it is simply a program that can

Easytoon it is simply a program that can create small animated gif friendly, a simple sequence of images giving the illusion of movement. It sounds simple written like that but it is quite complicated to implement, finally brief. Easytoon was created ...

450.7 KB freeware 01 September, 2012
Metro Commander is an orthodox file manager which allows you to manage your files and folders from within the Modern Windows UI interface.

Easily create, open, preview, rename, copy, move, delete, search and share files and folders. Browse your documents faster with navigation buttons (back, forward, up), thumbnail previews, shortcuts to your Images, Music and Videos folders and the ability ...

10.0 KB freeware 24 March, 2013
Friendly Chat is a small yet rich chat client

Friendly Chat is a small yet rich chat client for Microsoft Windows platforms. The program is intended to be used on local area networks; however, it could also be used among Internet users provided that they all have direct IP addresses. In order ...

827.9 KB freeware 25 May, 2012
Scroll Saw Pattern Printer is a program that

It allows to create little objects from any proper material, as wood or plastic. Scroll saws can cut intricate curves and joints, so they allow the users to create detailed projects, with great accuracy. It is often used to create small objects, like ...

606.5 KB freeware 17 July, 2012
This free version of Socusoft’s Photo to

This free version of Socusoft’s Photo to Video Converter is a gift for those users who have always wished to have a simple and nice-looking tool to create slideshows out of their photo collection that does the job without asking too many questions.

8.1 MB freeware 16 July, 2012
Offers a programming language that is easy to use.

You can develop anything on Mac with the newest technologies available on Mac and you can create very fast and small programs with it. Objective-Basic's IDE is written in Objective-Basic itself. It is designed to be easy and intuitive to start off.

9.2 MB freeware 02 July, 2012
RaidEye is a tool for monitoring Mac OS X software RAID volumes status

The best way to try RaidEye is to create a small raid with 2 or more USB pens or ipods, and to create/destroy/rebuild software RAID sets. Use Disk Utility to create RAID sets the first time. Please note: use this tool at you own risk. RaidEye is a ...

498.0 KB freeware 04 August, 2010
HockeyFan is a widget that allows you to display a jersey from a growing database players

A small version will appear in the magnifying glass, if it is the one you want hit "Done" or click on the preview image and a fullsize version will be displayed. All requests for this widget will be made. (The frame does not remain visible.

822.0 KB freeware 07 January, 2010
In Internet newsgroups large files often are split into smaller parts since messages can not be of more than a certain size to be able to post them in newsgroups

That is why I decided to create a small utility with the OS X interface that makes it easy for people to split large files to be uploaded, or to put together split files downloaded from the Internet.Of course, you can also use this program to split ...

4.2 MB freeware 25 January, 2010
ImageFolio Lite is a free platform

ImageFolio has the unique built-in ability to create thumbnails and preview images from your source JPEG Images, in batch or manual format, without requiring you to install any third party software. ImageFolio Lite runs on all flavors of Windows, ...

471.0 KB freeware 04 August, 2012
The "Screen Capture Utility" allows you to

You will see a small preview of your captured image, and you can step through all your saved images without exiting the program. You may also send a captured image to the clipboard if you want to pass it to another program without having to work with ...

846.5 KB freeware 07 October, 2012
Visual Color Picker is a very useful,

When the program runs, it shows the main window along with a small preview window which points to the color picking area. Users get the RGB value by simply clicking on the associated button. Users can lock the screen on the preview window by pressing ...

485.6 KB freeware 10 July, 2012
Documalis Free PDF Editor

You can easily create complex PDF files from images or other PDF sources. Individual pages can be rotated, re-ordered, duplicated or deleted within a single PDF file. You can also edit individual pages : add stamp, notes, text, blank zones, sign one ...

13.7 MB freeware 16 April, 2013
Everybody knows it, a backup exists but the files are too big to restore them.

Everybody knows it, a backup exists but the files are too big to restore them. There is only one,you can splitt manually or use SQL-Splitter...

792.0 KB freeware 16 December, 2012
Business Process Manager will help you optimize your business plan in being a Project Manager, Service Consultant or Supporter. Fine-tune as many cost-driving parameters as you want. See costs and net profit displayed graphically over 48 months.

You'll also find Small Business Simulations with 3, 5 and 10 products. Finally, the Business Process Manager Simulation includes a 10-Task work time optimizer. Finally, an exemplary Simulation for the service-based industry will introduce roles like ...

4.1 MB freeware 09 June, 2019
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