Rocket Download Editorial Policy

We pride ourselves on being a respected and truly independent voice in the technology community. People from around the world visit Rocket Download to read subjective product reviews and download the very best software on the Internet. As a content site, we aim to produce information that's fair and balanced for all parties involved. Meanwhile, our company continues to pursue business interests that will keep Rocket Download moving far into the future. Our promise to everyone, from technology developers to readers, is that our commercial relationships will never compromise the integrity of our editorial content.

Rocket Download primarily generates its revenue from a variety of advertising models. These include (but are not limited to) banners, sponsorships, co-branding, ad-enabled software and "advertorials." These models are always expressly identified on the site. Unless specified, Rocket Download does not form commercial relationships directly with the developers of products it reviews. It's important to note that Rocket Download does receive fees from referrals to vendors, such as software registration services. While these products are listed in the regular archive, reviews of these products are strictly neutral. This same policy is vigorously applied to ad-enabled and co-branded products as well.

Rocket Download understands that personal relationships are an important part of business. While our staff maintains contacts in the technology community, these relationships do not bind employees to subversively promote anyone. We will not accept gifts that imply that a product or service is given special treatment over others.

Accuracy is an important part of fair and balanced reporting. Our staff will immediately correct any error in the content it produces. Developers and readers alike are strongly encouraged to inform the Rocket Download staff of any inaccuracies. With that said, Rocket Download stands by its own opinions and ratings.

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