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Start Menu X 6.5 Start Menu X is a professional replacement of the system menu. Power users will get an efficient tool instead of the clumsy system menu. Start Menu X is a fusion of newest technologies and a 7-year research effort. Install a solution for true pro's!


Plasma Colors Screensaver 2.0 Eye-catching abstract free screensaver.


MinimizeToTrayTool 8.0 MinimizeToTrayTool is a freeware open source utility that allows the user to minimize any application to the windows tray.


Borealis Sky Screensaver 2.0 Aurora Borealis effects free screensaver.


Planetarium 3D screensaver 1.0 An exciting flight through the universe in 3D


Summer Charm Screensaver 2.0 Feel the warmth of first summer days!


Shine 3D Screensaver 2.0 What about the unusual special effects 3D screensaver for your desktop PC? Get ready to observe abstract 3D waves with light glare effects. Waves are going from right to left, intersecting and creating light shine.


WindowTop 3.0.9 WindowTop enable you to pin any window on top, enable window transparency, even click through transparent window, set window dark/read mode, shrink the window to small size and more. Read & See more: WindowTop.info


Galactic Space Screensaver 2.0 Do you want a special screensaver for your computer? Observe some far away galaxy and it's space from your Windows desktop PC. This galaxy consists of millions of small and big stars, moving and rotating around galactic center.


Sea Raindrops Screensaver 2.0 We bring to your attention a high-quality animated Sea Raindrops free screensaver. You will see how raindrops fall into the water, creating circular waves. Many waves from different drops collide, creating unusual distortions of light.


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