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ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro helps you change network adapter DNS settings fast and safe with 1 click. The DNS Database contains presets grouped by type: Regular DNS, Secure DNS, Family Safe DNS, Anonymous DNS and Custuom DNS. Import custom DNS servers. Downloads 30  Views 963

ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro helps you easily change the network adapter DNS settings with 1 click. Features are diverse and give you the possibility to maintain your DNS database and import custom DNS server lists from text files. The software will...



1.2 MB shareware
NetWorx is a powerful tool for measuring network connection speed (dial-up, Ethernet, ISDN, DSL, wireless) and monitoring bandwidth usage, with graphic representation of incoming and outgoing traffic, detailed reports and many other features. Downloads 199  Views 1289

NetWorx is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth situation. NetWorx can collect bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet or any other network connection. NetWorx can help you identify...

9.8 MB shareware
ChrisPC DNS Switch provides you a simple but effective graphic user interface to select the network adapter and change its corresponding DNS with the selected DNS from the preset lists or with a custom DNS. You can easily restore the DNS values. Downloads 73  Views 1358

ChrisPC DNS Switch provides you a simple but effective graphic user interface to select the network adapter/card and change its corresponding DNS with the selected DNS from the preset lists or with a custom DNS. Features are diverse and give you...

1.1 MB freeware
Free shortcut remover software. Downloads 30  Views 950

PCBooster Free Shortcut Remover - a free shortcut fixer is designed to scan, delete and fix broken shortcuts in specified folder or hard drives to improve your computer performance and declutter your desktop. Meanwhile, you are allowed to find...

1.1 MB freeware
Free startup manager software. Downloads 46  Views 1023

Many programs will load up automatically when you boot your PC, which could be a burden to your system. PCBooster Free Startup Manager will help you permanently prevent the autorun of TSR (Terminate-and-Stay-Resident) programs and other background...

788.4 KB freeware
Free uninstaller software. Downloads 43  Views 924

When it is time to remove unwanted programs, it is actually more difficult than installing them because not every bit of them is removed. PCBooster Free Uninstaller is the right assistant for you. It displays an alphabetical list of all programs,...

770.3 KB freeware
Free Wi-Fi hotspot creator software. Downloads 125  Views 1679

A Wi-Fi hotspot is actually a small area where you can get connection to the Internet or a LAN without wires. PCBooster Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator is an application that can create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your laptop to generate the Wi-Fi signals,...

690.6 KB freeware
Update Checker checks new updates on PC Downloads 106  Views 1557

A unique scanning algorithm quickly analyzes the data about any outdated software on your PC and immediately displays the list of programs to be updated. Using the latest versions of programs makes your system more secure and minimizes...

11.3 MB freeware
Directory Submission Software Downloads 87  Views 2923

Automatic, easy to use directory submitter letting you make submissions to web directories. Submit with high quality selection of categories letting you build relevant, diverse backlinks for your website. V3 comes with a new fully automatic...

9.8 MB shareware
SliQ Article Submitter Downloads 35  Views 1702

Easy to use, automatic article submitter. Easily register with article directories and submit your articles. Coming with a set of article directories, SliQ Article Submitter lets you add your own lists of directories for your personal use. Write...

5.9 MB shareware
Hide folder with ease. Downloads 50  Views 1200

Hide folder with ease rendering them completely invisible, even from attacks! Keep your most sensitive folders and files, private! Download your free trial today.

2.5 MB shareware
Powerful Multiple Hotmail Account Creator S/W. Downloads 65  Views 1524

MASS Hotmail Account Creator is a light weight and very easy to use application that will help you to create multiple Hotmail accounts with ease. With this application you can create Hotmail accounts without data typing and without any copy paste...

3.7 MB demo
Directory Submitter Software Downloads 52  Views 2020

Easy to use directory submitter enabling search engine optimization of one or more websites by using directory submission to help build backlinks. SliQ Submitter lets you submit directories more quickly than doing so manually but still lets you...

5.7 MB shareware
Directory submitter software Downloads 74  Views 2244

Easy to use directory submitter letting you submit unlimited websites to hundreds of web directories. Receives automatic web directory updates from the company website. Enter your website details and begin submitting to hundreds of directories....

3.9 MB shareware
Change your network settings with 1 click! Downloads 77  Views 2578

NetMAC is the best solution for users who needs to change network connection settings (TCP/IP parameters, MAC address, default printer, computer name, DNS domain, workgroup/domain, Internet Explorer settings).It allows you to manage easily all...

1.3 MB shareware
Ideco Gateway protects corporate networks. Downloads 99  Views 2711

Ideco Gateway provides the users of corporate networks with controlled and secure access to the Internet and delivers on the following tasks: * Maintain the database of users of the corporate network * Guard the enterprise's servers and...

113.9 MB shareware
This is an Internet Optimizer Software. Downloads 1499  Views 6662

Internet Optimizer is this wonderful software that optimizes your Internet connection to more than 200%. Most of us do not even realize that this is possible and entirely in our hands. Internet Optimizer is adaptable for different kinds of...

1.7 MB shareware
This tool can generate a TSIG key value Downloads 586  Views 3674

This tool can generate a TSIG key value (base64) for you very easily. The key value complies with RFC2845. Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (TSIG) is a secure method of authenticating clients making dynamic DNS update requests. The...

143.5 KB freeware
Send Your message to people instantly! Downloads 99  Views 2608

Messenger Ad Sender Send your message to people instantly! Your advertisement message is instantly received and read, seconds after sending it. Your advertising message in the middle of someone's screen, on top of any other running applications.

660.4 KB shareware
PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool Downloads 117  Views 2863

PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool. It supports: POWERFUL DOMAIN SEARCH Deleted On-Hold Real-Time Newly-Deleted Expiring Soon Available for Registration Registered Domains REAL-TIME NEWLY DELETED LISTS DIRECTORY CRAWLING FILTERING DOMAINS It...

8.6 MB demo
Windows DNS server Downloads 1717  Views 7865

The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 Thanks to DNS servers we surf the Internet using names such as 'www.simpledns.com' instead of impossible to remember IP addresses. DNS servers translate these domain names into...

7.3 MB shareware
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