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FREE utility for managing your PDF files. Downloads 35  Views 1278

Ultra PDF Tool is a powerful FREE utility program for creating/editing/manipulating many PDF files with ease. Features include: drawing barcodes, populating form fields from a database, creating PDF files from many file types, combining PDF files,...



672.8 KB freeware
FREE utility for creating PDF bookmarks. Downloads 14  Views 1041

PDF Bookmarks is a powerful utility program for creating/editing/deleting bookmarks in PDF files with ease. Features include: edit bookmark names, edit bookmark colors, edit bookmark style, edit bookmark action, create bookmarks from an outline,...

162.8 KB freeware
Fmylife Clone Downloads 83  Views 1526

FMyLife Clone v2.6.1 is the best available clone of the actual portal developed in PHP /MySQL. It's the best solution for any website owners and administrators. It comes with a host of stylish features and new modules. Like other iTechScripts.com...

3.8 MB freeware
Centralized Security Administration Downloads 78  Views 2881

Desktop Orbiter is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, computer security administration solution. With Desktop Orbiter, protecting multiple local and remote machines is a matter of a point-and-click procedure. Security features include a suit of...

4.3 MB shareware
Keeps unstable code from crashing your app Downloads 23  Views 1721

SimpleIPC is a set of objects, server processes, and configuration tools which allow you, the software developer, to have some of your application's work performed in an external process on the same machine. You make function calls to objects in...

1.6 MB demo
Manage power on, shutdown sleep modes Central Downloads 278  Views 3184

First to mention, AutoShutdownManager operates even if no users are logged-on to the system in a so called full background- or Service mode. All operations are supported in this mode including Power Up, Power Down, Restart, Standby,...

7.8 MB demo
Word to PDF, DOC/DOCX to PDF Batch Converter. Downloads 763  Views 4210

Batch DOC TO PDF Converter is a Word to PDF, DOC/DOCX to PDF Batch Converter that can convert Word DOC/DOCX to PDF (Portable Document Format) easily. Batch DOC TO PDF Converter supports powerful search for a lot of files. A PDF publisher for...

1.0 MB shareware
Easy-to-use automation utilities Downloads 612  Views 3984

AI Robot is amazingly easy-to-use software that automates repetitive tasks quickly and simply.We all control our computer using mouse and keyboard. All our input comes from mouse movement, mouse clicks and keyboard key presses. AI Robot helps...

2.5 MB shareware
AnyTask help you do most repeative tasks Downloads 88  Views 1960

AnyTask is an automation development enviroment. It can greatly simplify your work and increase your efficiency, You can left most repeative work to it, the only thing you need to do is selecting actions and filling blanks. Also AnyTask can be...

829.1 KB shareware
Replace many text phrases at once. Downloads 97  Views 2208

Free program, which allows you to change/replace multiple letters and phrases at a time. It is easy to create and save lists of changes/replacements, so that you can reuse them. You can even paste replacement table from your spreadsheet (e.g....

820.1 KB freeware
Font Viewer for viewing font Downloads 292  Views 3836

Font viewer is a font utility. It uses a HTML for viewing fonts, installed on your PC: View all Fonts. Print the list of fonts. Print sample text of a font. View sample text in all available fonts. Used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste...

459.5 KB shareware
Easy diskless Win-Terminal from any hardware. Downloads 73  Views 2238

Windows Terminal Services Client for diskless computer network boot. WTware package includes all the software needed to create a terminal: OS, multiple drivers, network services and terminal services client. Any PC from 486 8Mb RAM to modern can...

8.0 MB shareware
XML story editor for newspapers journalists Downloads 58  Views 2066

An offline publishing solution that gives newspaper and magazine publishers, integrated and flexible tools to manage, edit and control articles format, story metadata, headings, sub-heading, associated forms, classification plan(taxonomy),...

2.4 MB commercial
Monitor the computers on your network. Downloads 44  Views 1594

System Monitor was designed to monitor Microsoft Windows computers on a network. It can monitor the usage of CPU, Memory, Disk Drives and Network Adapters. You can set it up to log events and create usage reports to databases located anywhere on...

1.2 MB commercial
Scan and Audit your windows systems with PAE Downloads 90  Views 2693

PAE is the best tool designed to Analyse and Audit your entire Microsoft Windows Networks, Domains and Computers. 1) Permission analysis and scanning (NTFS, audit and ownership) through the folders, files, LDAP objects and registries....

3.0 MB commercial
Unique web site monitoring tool. Downloads 46  Views 1541

KeepNI monitors web sites functionality, and provides powerful tools for webmasters.It will ensure your site is up and fully functional at all times.Whenever a malfunction is detected, KeepNI immediately alerts you. Many alerts are available,...

4.0 MB commercial
Create Outlook Exchange profiles Downloads 38  Views 2322

This program addresses the need to setup Outlook Exchange profiles automatically. Outlook 97 through 2003 versions are supported. Possibly one of the best ways to use Outlook Profiler in the corporate environment would be to place Outlook Profiler...

804.6 KB commercial
Run a Fully Featured DynDNS Server Downloads 90  Views 1680

DDNSServ allows you to Run your own DDNS service. The server suite is fully featured with full support for MX, CNAME, and even NS records. With DDNSServ, you can offer the internet community a valid alternative to static IP addressing. This...

4.4 MB demo
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