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21st century Truck driver 3.24 Sell your House, buy your Truck, drive on.


SO-Sieve 1.0.6651.3 Sieve analysis, Hydrometer & Atterberg limits


21st century worldwide growth of Forest 3.20 Have you ever heard about the Greenhouse effect? - This simulation is looking post the climate discussion. How much fossile energy ressources are left? - What will happen with more CO2? - will we have more Rain? - Forest? - get your own picture.


Nonlinear regression - CurveFitter 4.5.28 CurveFitter performs statistical regression analysis to estimate the values of parameters for linear, multivariate, polynomial, exponential and nonlinear functions.


ProfExam Suite 6.3.1802.2724 Simple exam simulator


Earth Explorer 2018 3D globel with street level satellite map for education and science


jalada Fractal 2.2 Get in touch with the fantastic and mysterious world of fractals and find your way through the beautiful complexity of fractal images. Using your Computer and jalada Fractal, you'll be able to see for yourself what a fractal is and how it is created.


Junior World of Words 5.1.2 Teaches over a thousand common English words through 45 topic-based picture screens, each with its own testing of comprehension and reproduction.


World of Words 5.1.2 English vocabulary through pictures.


Play and Learn 3.1 The fun way to learn English
A collection of games designed to put fun into learning English. With real-life situations and options to suit different abilities.



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