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Oracle client for transact SQL Downloads 170  Views 2450

Oracle Query is a professional development tool aimed at software developers exposed to the data services tier of n-tier software applications. The product allows rapid transact SQL development against an Oracle database through an intuitive...



5.5 MB shareware
take your database to the web in one program Downloads 74  Views 1640

Generates ASP or PHP pages to connect to your Access, SQL or MySQL database on the web. Demo Generates search form, search results and detail while registered version additionally generates edit_detail, add, delete, and login pages. Features...

7.9 MB shareware
EZ-Forms VIEWER - Email FAX Print Downloads 47  Views 1765

- View, Print, Email, FAX (driver required), eforms (visual electronic forms) created with EZ-Forms Gold ULTRA, Silver PRO or PDF TYPER Designers. - View web enabled eforms. - Network compliant. - Encryption enabled. (pw reqd.) - Advanced...

7.7 MB shareware
EZ-Forms Filler - Email, FAX, Print (eforms) Downloads 82  Views 2073

- EZ-Forms Filler for eforms (visual electronic forms) - Fillout, Save, Modify, Print, Email, FAX (driver required), DataBase, etc. eforms created with EZ-Forms Gold ULTRA, Silver PRO Designers. - Network and internet compliant. - Encryption...

7.7 MB shareware
Eforms: Create, Fill, Scan, im-PDF, DataBase Downloads 58  Views 1811

- Eforms (electronic forms) and database solution for the desktop, laptop, enterprise, internet and developers. - Create DataBase enabled or stand-alone electronic forms for use with EZ-Forms FILLER. - Import millions of PDFs (Adobe Acrobat)...

12.8 MB shareware
MMLIB is electoronic file storage system Downloads 92  Views 1016

Turn your PC into an Electronic file storage by MMLIB. We are surrounded by voluminous documents: newspapers, articles, memos, photos, Web pages. Once those documents are stored in the image database, they can be easily searched, printed, or...

4.3 MB shareware
Extract usable data from just about anything. Downloads 50  Views 987

NEVER AGAIN RE-KEY LEGACY DATA: ParseRat v2.0 Parses, converts and restructures files. Reads most files including XML, web pages and tables, page image print files and other multi-line data blocks from other processes, fixed format, delimited,...

1.0 MB shareware
Database migration software Downloads 108  Views 1383

SQLWays™ is an innovative database migration product that easily perform export (migrates all major databases to IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL) on one system and import on another system and platform (Windows or Unix)....

3.6 MB commercial
Easy solution to sync mySQL database schema. Downloads 51  Views 1170

Sync Database is an easy solution to synchronize schema of mySQL databases. When you alter database, add or change columns, indices or constraints, sync is done in an quick and painless process and enables you to change the structure of your older...

1.3 MB shareware
Helper application to relational databases. Downloads 237  Views 2169

SQL Uniform is a database client, graphical user interface (GUI), a helper application to relational databases of various types regarding query, maintenance, data comparison, export (convert), import. It supports any kind of database and database...

18.2 MB freeware
Desktop document management system Downloads 428  Views 1947

Desktop XML version of the complete ORACLE based document management system, that gives any size enterprise the ability to quickly find, share and access all document types both scanned in paper and electronic files, from one easy screen....

7.5 MB shareware
Manipulate data from a variety of databases Downloads 75  Views 1391

The Markosoft Database Assistant is an all-in-one database access tool for use in viewing and editing data from virtually every major type of database including Oracle, MS SQL Server, Informix, MS Access, Sybase, and dBase. Features include the...

3.9 MB shareware
Schedule Crystal Reports to print/email/outpu Downloads 248  Views 3073

Crystal Reports Distributor is an application for Windows that saves time and money by making it easy to define single or packages of Crystal reports, schedule and run them automatically, and send the reports to print, fax, disk, or email in a...

55.6 MB shareware
Manage DBF files using this innovative tool! Downloads 87  Views 1585

As technology advances we tend to switch to new ways of accomplishing the same tasks. Faster machines and better software increase our overall computing and information processing speed as well as overall comfort and reliability. New solutions...

1.7 MB shareware
Personnel Management System Downloads 68  Views 1920

Profile is a Personnel Management System designed for the storage and reporting of information relating to employees, students or any similar organisation. Information is presented in a tabbed notebook style interface allowing the maintenance...

9.7 MB commercial
Useful TBB converter to DBF or CSV format Downloads 615  Views 2023

ABC Amber TBB Converter is intended to help you convert The Bat! (very popular e-mail client) databases (TBB files) to DBF or CSV format easily and quickly. All you have to do is select required messages, choose format to convert and click Save...

1.0 MB shareware
Makes it easy to manage your fleet maint. Downloads 106  Views 2352

Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe makes it easy to track and organize preventive and repair maintenance information on your fleet. Track many details about each of your vehicles/equipment that are vital to fleet management. If needed, numerous user...

7.3 MB shareware
Front-end application for database management Downloads 60  Views 1088

BaseNow provides a user interface for all your databases. It looks like Microsoft Access and it allows you to work with data just like in Excel spreadsheets. BaseNow has a tree-style display of all database objects and enables you to use SQL for...

26.9 MB shareware
For easy visual constructing hard SQL-query. Downloads 84  Views 1790

Visual SQL-Designer is a program for easy visual constructing hard SQL-query for any database and write it. Support ORACLE, MS-SQL server 6.5-7.0, SyBase, Db2 for NT, MSAccess and other ODBC databases. System requirements : You need some public...

4.0 MB shareware
SQL database development & content management Downloads 88  Views 1243

SQLBoss Developer and the upcoming SQLBoss Layouter from SQLBoss Inc. provide you with a complete database and content management system for many (11) SQL databases. SQLBoss Developer is a tool for rapid database development on remote hosts. It...

6.0 MB shareware
A database and SQL utility. Downloads 76  Views 1379

DBQwikEdit is a program for accessing and managing data in almost any database. With DBQwikEdit you can: Edit table data using a spreadsheet like presentation. Select subsets of data with no knowledge of programming or SQL. Create SQL statements...

1.3 MB shareware
Sales and Customer Management database. Downloads 171  Views 2384

Built for Sales is designed as a detailed transaction management tool for your daily business operations. The database suite containing two major components: Sales and Customer Management. Designed to help you manage your daily business activities...

423.9 KB shareware
Fixes corrupted databases. Downloads 942  Views 3224

AccessRecovery is a data recovery program for Microsoft Access databases. AccessRecovery has a powerful recovery engine designed to retrieve data from most damaged Access databases. Easy setup procedure and intuitive user interface allows to...

992.1 KB demo
Software 1,801-1,823 of 1,823
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