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Learn about the basic rules for Blackjack Downloads 30  Views 1001

Learn about the basic rules of playing the card game Blackjack whether you play online or offline in this informative eBook. You will also learn about some of the variations of the card game of Blackjack as well as about how to play the game...



1.8 MB freeware
Starter-kit for spreading warm fuzzy feelings Downloads 344  Views 2798

A starter-kit for spreading warm fuzzy feelings. Use it to inspire and enlighten yourself and others. Besides all the wisdom it contains, you even get some pretty pictures to look at ... `_~

2.9 MB freeware
Print your own Christmas cards - freeware Downloads 448  Views 3254

Printing your own professional-looking Christmas cards is not only a fun way of saving money, but also adds that personal touch which makes your greetings and good wishes more special. Many of these pretty cards have a shiny 3-d look.

1.2 MB freeware
Words that lovers whisper in each other\'s Downloads 157  Views 3397

Words that lovers whisper in each other\'s ear, that which every human wants to hear. Sweep her off her feet. Make him feel ten feet tall. And not only on Valentine\'s Day. Be Romantic Always and enjoy life! To help you do that, this freeware...

1.4 MB freeware
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