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wheel of fortune 1.0 (by: Francisco Charrua)
Downloads 93  Views 1776

My Little Scripts - wheel-of-fortune.php My Little Scripts.



Downloads 4   Views 357

Get the best of Wheel Of Fortune Game or Wheel Of Fortune, browse our section on Downloadable Game or learn about Play Mario Game. is the site for Puzzle Games.

Downloads 1  Views 333

Gets you a random fortune cookie quote in your WordPress sidebar from the database of over 12,000 fortunes (based on the Unix Fortune program).Installation : 1. Uncompress the downloaded .zip file and upload the fortunecookies directory to /wp-content/plugins/ ...

Ghost Wheel 0.0.2 (by: James Gray)
Downloads 3  Views 344

Ghost Wheel is a packrat parser generator handling scanning and parsing of context-free grammars. Parsers can be built using an PEG-like syntax or a with a Ruby DSL.

Ruby GTK Fortune Cookies release (by: Alexander Shulgin)
Downloads 2  Views 270

A tiny program to nicely display fortune cookies on a GNOME desktop. Add it to your startup programs list. ;-)

Color Wheel 1.0 (by:
Downloads 75  Views 1669

Enter red, green and blue values for a color and get a set of colors schemes based on standard color wheel usage: monochrome, traidic, analogous, complementary and split complementary. Adjust the angle for analogous and split complementary palettes and ...

Downloads 29  Views 928

This script uses the traditional Unix-fortune files to display quotes. The advantage of this is that there is already a huge amount of quote-collections available, so there is no need to write all the quotes in from scratch. Efforts have been made to ...

Downloads 2  Views 395

XML HTML/CSS content with Mouse Wheel Scroller - you can load HTML text and images with css, and it's very easy to add in your project. XML HTML/CSS content with Mouse Wheel Scroller. You can load HTML text and images with css and it's very easy ...

Downloads 6  Views 539

The roulette wheel operator is a proportionate reproductive operator, where a string is selected from the mating pool with a probability proportional to the fitness.For a given set of fitness value,This program uses the roulette wheel operator to select ...

Navigate.m 1.0 (by: Corey Gravelle)
Downloads 1  Views 275

Makes it easy to get around plots and images:> click and drag to pan> double-click to re-center> shift-click to create rectangle to zoom into> mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out

DS Wheelscroll 1.0 (by:
Downloads 26  Views 672

This script scrolls any text with a wheel effect. The script includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript and HTML programming. DS WheelScroll - script This DHTML script scrolls any text with a wheel ...

SiteScape Enterprise Forum (by:
Downloads 3  Views 568

SiteScape Enterprise Forum is a robust collaboration platform that provides the administrative flexibility and performance required by Fortune Global 2000 organizations. It offers an effective and easy way to communicate, share and build knowledge, and ...

Downloads 1   Views 325

Agents of fortune professional offers MYSQL database support to handle extreme data loads. Realtime stats, automated data backup and completely compatible with revshare,, shopping carts, and other popular billing solutions. Database backup ...

Downloads 3   Views 440

Automate Your Website From Hits to Sales With These Powerful Fortune 500 Tools ?Without Paying a Fortune this software has the following features... Autoresponders Ad Tracking Shopping Cart Order Forms Affiliate Software Merchant Account Much More . ...

Downloads 3  Views 323

Why invent the wheel every time you develop an application in Java? Writing a J2EE web application is complicated enough; you would not write a linked list module in C++ every time you started a new project. You would rather use another person's implementation.

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