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RDF SPARQL Endpoint 6.x-1.x-dev (by: StdoTephane Corlosquet)
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The RDF SPARQL Endpoint module indexes the RDF data publicly available on a Drupal site into an ARC2 RDF store. It also provides a SPARQL endpoint via the ARC2 SPARQL interface.Because it relies on the ARC2 library, this module requires MySQL and will ...

RDF SPARQL Proxy 6.x-1.x-dev (by: StdoTephane Corlosquet)
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The RDF SPARQL Proxy module allows to instantiate RDF resources on demand (lazy loading) via SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries. Site administrators can define profiles which specify the mapping rules of the remote data schema to the local Drupal RDF schema defined ...

SPARQL.rb 0.0.7 (by: Arto Bendiken)
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SPARQL tooling for RDF.rb.

VARQL 7.x-1.x-dev (by: Remon Georgy)
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This module provides SPARQL Query backend for Views 3.To use VARQL you shouldn't necessarily be fluent in writing SPARQL queries, cause the module uses Views' fields, arguments and filters in generating a sparql query to query a sparql endpoint, and ...

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The supported query languages are SPARQL and RDQL. gs. The sgt;Rasqal was designed to work closely with the Redland RDF library but is entirely separate. It is intended to be a portable library working across many POSIX systems (Unix, GNU/Linux, BSDs, ...

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It allows you to query RDF data in SPARQL endpoints and RDFa on Web pages, bringing the data into Views. Once the data is in Views, you can use Views style and display plugins to format your data.There is also a drag-and-drop user interface, SPARQL ...

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For adding SPARQL query support, see the related SPARQL project.Projects that rely on this module as a dependency include Calais, File Framework, FeedAPI RDF and the Relations and DAV APIs and their spin-offs such as File Relations Server.This project ...

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This module requires the RDF and the SPARQL modules.

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