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onMouseover sound effect 1.0 (by:
Downloads 444  Views 2958

This script plays a sound when the mouse moves over certain links. It can be configured to initiate the sound only when someone clicks on the links as well. Cut & Paste onMouseover sound effect Click here for a script that allows you to play ...



Sound On/Off Button (by:
Downloads 5  Views 529

Learn how to create a simple Flash sound on/off button using actionscript.

Flash Sound On/Off Button (by:
Downloads 16  Views 490

Simple tutorial on creating a sound on/off button using Flash actionscript.

Downloads 2  Views 399

Learn how to use Dreamweaver Behaviors to Play Sound in 2 quick steps

Downloads 2  Views 493

Instructions: 1) Import your sound to library with linkage name "sound" 2) You can change colors, buttons, font 3) Also you can use as drag&drop movieclip. Published size with loop is 43kb, controller. Published size without loop is ...

Downloads 4  Views 508

In case that you're looking for an advanced MP3 player without playlist visit MP3 Player with Sound Spectrum V1. FEATURES: In the HTML embed code you can pass the path to the configurable XML file and in this way you can have multiple instances of the ...

Sound Capture To WMA 1.0 (by: CHENGDU WEISHU TECHNOLOG...)
Downloads 3  Views 578

Sound Capture To WMA can capture any audio from sound card with WMA format. It captures sound from Windows application such as players, Windows Messenger, Skype, QQ, Yahoo messenger, IM tools, streaming audio on the Internet, microphones, line-In, CD ...

Downloads 4  Views 436

T1CSound is a simple ActiveX component for sound generation using system speaker.The component can be used for the generation of sound using system speaker by any applications that support ActiveX components: VBScript and Jscript, ASP (IIS), VBA for ...

libgaudio for Music and Sound 1.6 (by: Andreas Schiffler)
Downloads 3   Views 347

libgaudio is a library to facilitate easy incorporation of sound and sound effects in games. Samples are loaded into memory and playback is thentriggered or stopped.The system mixes any number of concurrently playing samples together (up to a predefined ...

Downloads 2   Views 220

SOUND FORGER generates directly compilable C files . The c files contains codes to produce pc speaker sounds.The generation is created in front of you so you have the control from generating small to huge sound scripts. Now sit back , relax , this program ...

Downloads 3   Views 347

FramaPlayer is a Flash MP3 sound player.It's designed to play sounds or music into web pages.It has a lot of advanced features as :- can play XML playlists- a single player could play multiple files by clicking special links- different types of player ...

Downloads 5   Views 277

Text-box Limiter with Sound script helps you to limit the number of characters allowed in a text box.When the limit was reached a sound will also announce the user.

Sound Speed in Fresh Water 1.0 (by: Sergei Koptenko)
Downloads 5   Views 342

Calculates sound speed in fresh (distilled) water as function of temperature (Celsius) using six-term Marczak equation. See "salt_water_c.m" for sea water speed calculations

Downloads 1  Views 205

A still atmosphere attenuates sound as a function of frequency, temperature, relative humidity, and propagation distance. This function uses equations published by Bass et al. to calcuate the attenuation of sound for the input parameters. The function ...

Sound Speed in Sea Water 1.0 (by: Sergei Koptenko)
Downloads 4   Views 352

Sound speed in sea water as function of depth, temperature and salinity using nine-term Mackenzie equation

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